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The Contributor Queue & Deadlines

The day after a page gets published on the Sketchbook Conspiracy website, the next contributor has one week to continue the story (so, technically, they get 8 days). It’s highly encouraged that contributors turn out their pieces as quickly as reasonably possible so others don’t have to wait long for their turn. Once the work is submitted, it gets published and the countdown begins anew for the next victim... er, contributor. Reaching the end of the queue brings us back to the first name in the queue, starting a new rotation.

If a contributor isn’t able to do their page in the time allotted, they get skipped and the onus moves to the next person. This person’s 7-day countdown then begins.

As for the contributor who wasn’t able to ..well, contribute, two things can happen: 1) their place in the queue gets bumped to the next position and they do their page after their stand-in’s piece or 2) they don’t contribute that rotation and have to wait for their name to come round again. Their choice.

Contributors can swap their positions in the queue with other contributors so long as that author-artist hasn’t yet had their turn for that particular rotation. Any other people who sign up get added at the tail end of the queue of the current rotation.

When a contributor's turn is up, he or she will get notification (usually through email) to alert them of this fact. Please be sure to confirm that the message was received and that the information was communicated. Besides this particular message being sent, next-in-line contributors should already be aware of their upcoming turns what with the news always advertising who is immediately up to bat and who's next to follow. Furthermore, current lineups describing who is the active contributor and when his/her deadline is can be found at the top of the news page as well.

Now while one of the primary goals of this project is for this whole thing to be fun and we're not about the strict enforcing of the rules, please try to meet the assigned deadline. Pieces are due by 11:59PM (artist's local time) the day the deadline has been set.


Specifics - Illustration & Graphics Format

The pages that make up the Sketchbook Conspiracy should occupy an area that is 600 x 800 pixels. This area can be divided into as many panels as the author-artist wants. It can be made into one big splash panel or 20 itty panels or anything in-between. Whatever.

To affect at least some kind of visual consistency across the comic jam, all the art should be done in black and white, with the preference being that the piece be hand-drawn. Photoshop (or any other graphics application) can most certainly be used for lettering, dialogue balloons, copying & pasting elements, layout, panel borders, filter effects, inking and otherwise cleaning up the piece but those can be accomplished by hand as well. Despite this arsenal of technology at hand, please make it so that the entirety of the art itself is not created digitally. Beyond that, go nuts.

Submitted pieces should be 72dpi in either JPG, PNG or GIF format. It’s recommended that you keep a high-resolution version in the event this project gets printed. (Which would, of course, rock.)

Oh, and by the way, please make sure the art and the words are legible.


Specifics - Story

The author-artist responsible for any page of the Sketchbook Conspiracy comic jam can take the narrative in any direction he or she wants so long as:

- their total contribution is contained in the one page allotted
- it continues the story where the previous page left off
- the story is construed in such a way that it can be continued by the next author-artist on the next page

Story-wise, contributors should make an effort to maintain the continuity of plot elements and characters.

Content-wise, we should be going for a PG-13 rating since the entire world could be gazing upon the collected works. Children included. So, let's try to keep it clean, folks.



Please send completed pieces (as well as any commentary to accompany the work) to the Sketchbook Conspiracy at sketchy [ at ] gruntwerk [ dot ] com.