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Sketchbook Conspiracy Current Lineups

Tastes Greatcomplete
cobie > archmage > team lean > team swan > team soap

Less Fillingvolunteer round
guaharibo > foomfapr24 > tarq > dbrycegh > kirkjerk

Home Brew
team uzimay5 > curly brace > team selenetic > team ire > mizziness

last updated April 27, 2008


April 27, 2008

Thanks to contributor curlybrace, Home Brew has now completed page 13 of its comic jam. The new and improved team uzi (now featuring new conspirator masukomi) is now up, with a deadline of May 5, 2008.

Now that their cover page is done, Tastes Great is now officially done. Thanks to archmage for tackling this comic jam coup de grace with a collage featuring each of the major players, both character- and contributor-wise.

Round 2 of The Sketchbook Conspiracy will begin mid-May.


April 18, 2008

With only the cover page remaining, Tastes Great is done.

Thanks to contributor cobie, this faction has had its final page completed. As a reprieve from doing any more original art (as most people are about ready to just take a break and then start a new thing entirely), rather than do a vote for who should do the cover page, contributor archmage has been asked to put together a collage of the various works that contibuted to this one comic jam. It's been a wild ride.


April 16, 2008

Tastes Great gets its penultimate page up, thanks to the contributor team team swan. Now up to bat for this final page is cobie, with a deadline of April 24, 2008. The wrapping up of this faction's comic jam (including cover page details) will commence shortly.

Less Filling starts in on its volunteer round with foomf tackling their twentieth page (due by April 24, 2008). Volunteers are still needed to finish off this final round for this faction.

Over in Home Brew, contributor mizziness has taken a pass (owing to being in her final trimester), thereby passing the torch to curly brace and imparting a deadline of April 24, 2008. Afterward will come team uzi, ver 3.0.