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Useless information most certainly but still a healthy provider of context.

:: random facts, et al.

- The grunt hunt was originally inspired by the annual MIT mystery hunt and the Cape Ann Animal Aid Benefit Hunt back in 2003. It was also inspired by such computer games as The Seventh Guest, The Eleventh Hour, and The Fool's Errand.

- grunt hunts 1&2 were actually one huge hunt that had to be split into two.

- Each hunt since gh2 has had some puzzle involving sam hetty, the homeless man who spouts seemingly meaningless babble.

- Given that the red herring is usually depicted saying something to the effect of "hello, i'm totally the red herring" each time, his unofficial name has come to be known as "totally, the red herring".

- For the first six hunts, first place teams were awarded dogtags inscribed with a message unique to each hunt. These messages are, unfortunately, not recorded anywhere.

- The entire event was originally designed as a gift for someone. Additionally, it served as a means to occupy time while unemployed. It has since continued despite picking up employment.

- The team "the majestic golden blowjobs of heaven" have been in the most hunts to date (5 consecutive hunts).

- Currently, Narbey has participated in the most hunts to date.

- Dinner was originally part of the grunt hunt event until it got way too tiring to do each time after 5+ hours of running everything.

- The idea for the grunt hunt was first pitched to readers in livejournal.

- Most of the hunt participants have been at one time or another members of the everything2 and livejournal communities. Since then, the hunt has become an event widened to include other friends and friends of friends.

- Most if not all of the hunt's design and production is a one-man operation (original artwork and everything). Miller hasn't gotten more than 2 hours of sleep the night before the hunt since it first began (which explains his strange state during the actual event). It's like some sort of tradition at this point.

- The seal used for grunt university in gh5 actually has some meaning. Dead center is the logo for gruntwerk (which is part of the grunt hunt logo). A field of five herrings represents the number of hunts there had been up to that point, with a field of four stars representing how many there really were if gh1&2 were considered just one big hunt. The bottom left-field has a pair of stylized dog-tags, alluding to the prizes awarded to the members of a winning team. The star up in the top-left (as well as the ones in the bottom-right) is reminiscent of the happy stars that are Miller's signature. The pencil staff behind the coat-of-arms is a nod to the valuable lesson that veteran hunters have no doubt learned: bring a pencil - not a pen - to puzzle competitions.

- The grunt hunt has its own livejournal community. Visit it to view less official information, news, discussions and behind-the-scenes stuff.

- The words 'grunt' and 'hunt' make their way into each hunt's flavor text. Some examples include: Claudius Grunt (CEO, gruntwerk enterprises), Cornelius Grunt (Chancellor and Founder of GRU and brother of Claudius Grunt), Hunt Private Investigation Agency, Madame Zellina Gruntilla's School for Psychicness, Unt Manor, Grigor Unt, Helene Unt, Grant Unt, Grunt University (GRU for short), and Hunter Hall (GRU dormitory).

- Team Purplesaurus Rex is the first team to ever complete and win the grunt hunt (gh5).

- Team Purplesaurus Rex is the only team to take first place two consecutive hunts in a row.

- Team Spudmonkey has evolved several times to become Twelve-Eyed Spudmonkey (gh4), Spudmonkey's Revenge (gh5), Crust of Spudmonkey (gh6) and Something About Spudmonkey (gh7).

- grunt hunt 3 was the first hunt to employ the Challenge system.

- Victor Timonius-Guy (from gh6) can be shortened to Victim Guy.

- grunt hunt 7 was the first hunt to not feature a turtle either in the puzzles or in attendance. gh7 was also the first hunt to award the first place team with chrome Gs instead of the traditional dogtags.

- gh6 was the first hunt to use Items as Openers.

- gh7 marked the last hunt to run semi-annually but the only hunt to date to not have lines for answer submissions or hint requests.