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For this particular challenge from gh7, teams had to come up with superhero identities for each of their team members (given the Sidekick type they had drawn at the time of registration) and a short origin story for each of them.

For an added bonus, they could come up with the name of each team member’s nefarious, evil-doing arch-nemesis.

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Team iTeam

The Fireman (Elemental)
Secret Identity: Anthony

Origin Story: Anthony was a regular firefighter caught in a terrible blaze in his hotel room when the tanning lamp in the bathroom exploded.

Arch-Nemeses: dogs with incontinence

Rockman (Powerhouse)
Secret Identity: Mark

Origin Story: Mark, an avid hiker, was hiking in Utah one day when he fell into a deep crevice. A shard of uranium pierced his skin, infusing his body with the hardness and strength of the surrounding rock.

Arch-Nemesis: The Paperboy

Gizmotic (Gadgeteer)
Secret Identity: Kirk

Origin Story: Gizmotic is a robot, a fantastically detailed mechanism depending on multiple inter-conneccted systems and parts, constructed when a tornado hit a junkyard, thus proving several anti-evolution arguments even wronger than they already are!

Arch-Nemesis: Super Luddite

Headcase (Psychic)
Secret Identity: Narbey

Origin Story: "I already know what you're thinking: It's a stupid story."

Arch-Nemesis: The Prince of Duh

Team Plush Cthulu-chan

The Flow (Elemental)
Secret Identity: Kate

Origin Story: Accidentally drowned next to the outflow pipe of a decrepit nuclear plant.

Arch-Nemesis: Lava Lad

Whiplash (Speedster)
Secret Identity: Tammy

Origin Story: A cosmic ray caused a genetic mutation during her embryonic development. At puberty the gene activated, giving her superhuman speed and reaction time.

Arch-Nemesis: Gluon

The Axon Kid (Psychic)
Secret Identity: Joe

Origin Story: Was exposed to an experimental drug that caused his neurons to multiply to ten times normal density

Arch-Nemesis: Obfusticon

The Mustache (Powerhouse)
Secret Identity: Jeff

Origin Story: Drank the blue disinfectant fluid from his father's barbershop, which caused him to grow incredibly strong prehensile facial hair.

Arch-Nemesis: The Human Shears