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For this particular challenge from gh5, one team member had to write three poems, each one in a different style/format but all three of them dirty:

  1. A poem of 20 lines or more in the stylings of Dr. Seuss.
  2. A limerick about someone on another team.
  3. An autobiographical haiku.

These poems must then be recited in front of the team that poem2 was about.

:: gh5 porn challenges : : the sexy sonnets of the hard bard

These poems must then be recited in front of the team that poem2 was about. The following poetry was written by mikey of the team Spud Monkey's Revenge:

I do not like the stripper, Sam
I do not like her nappy cans
I would not want herjiggly butt
I would not want her ginormous cunt

She's not even a butter face
I beg you, Sam, let's leave this place
God, here she comes to dance for me
I can not stand her on my knee
It makes me really want to pee

I will not put bills in her thong
It's so far up her ass it's wrong
Her dancing music is absurd
She struts about like a skinny bird

I really hope they clean that pole
After she rubs it with her skanky hole
Please, bouncer, take me from this place
I'm petrified by the sight of her face

Next time you want to go to a club
Please drag along some other poor schlub
So I won't have to go home and scrub

Tammy was a woman of size
But not of tall height or thick thighs
Her breasts were so great
Most would think them fake
For her bra was as vast as the sky

At home, all alone
Laid spread eagle on the couch
I'm pumping my fist