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For this particular challenge from gh5, one team member had to write three poems, each one in a different style/format but all three of them dirty:

  1. A poem of 20 lines or more in the stylings of Dr. Seuss.
  2. A limerick about someone on another team.
  3. An autobiographical haiku.

These poems must then be recited in front of the team that poem2 was about.

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The following poetry was written by kirk of the team Majestic Golden Blowjobs of Heaven:

Would you like to suck my cock?
Would you like to sniff my sock?
Would you like to lick my ass?
Do you, do you have no class?

No, I won't suck your cock.
No, I won't go and sniff your sock!
No, I won't go and lick your ass
Because, please sir, I have some class

Would you like to tongue my balls?
Would you suck my underalls?
Would you like to caress my toes?
Is that, was that, how you goes?

No, I won't go and tongue your balls
No, I won't suck underalls
No, I won't caress your toes
'Cause that's not the way I goes.

Well, sir, our work here i done.
I can tell you're just no fun.
But cunt, cock, ass, tits and white goo...
Rhyming is so fun to do!

There once was a gal name of Christa
You really could hardly have missed her
For boobs she don't lack
She's got a big rack
Now I'm afraid I have pissed her

I am so tired
Puzzles have kicked my sore ass
This rainy spring day