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This is the challenge system used in gh4.

The story/theme involved a serial killer who had ritual magic as his modus operandi. In order to better apprehend him, the Hunters decide that they will need to 'learn magic'.

:: gh4 :: learn magic

after solving the fish (the challenge trigger), the challenges themselves became unlocked. thereafter, it was learned that the killer was using bad, evil, naughty ritual magic and these murders were some sort of dark sacrifices. in turn, the hunters had to "learn magic" to even the playing field and gain the upper hand.

each spell required the expenditure of elemental spirit stones (represented by glass beads) to power them. they were earth, air, fire, water, and cosmos. cosmos acted as a wild and could therefore be substituted for any other element. each team started with one cosmos stone and one random element stone in their magic pouch as well as a list of spells they could cast. in order to get more elements to fuel their spells, teams would have to perform rituals and rites. rituals would summon three elements, of which only two would stay. rites would summon only one of a particular element (earth, air, fire, and water).

: caster gets 50 points to distribute as a bonus to all teams
: only 25 bonus points can go to his own team

(water x2)
: good for one free wrong answer (freebie)

: grants every team one freebie each

: grants every team one free hint

: forces one team to submit an answer in one minute or get an automatic penalty

(earth x2)
: casting team gets 50 points added to their point total, post-multiplier (acts as a bonus)

(fire x2)
: as CURSE but every team must submit an answer
: includes the casting team

(air x2)
: caster's team gets one free hint

(fire + water)
: forces penalty (or use of freebie) on one team

(cosmos x3)
: grants caster's team a +0.5 bonus to one of their metapuzzle multipliers

(earth + air)
: force a hint from another team

(earth + air + fire + water)
: free standard puzzle solution

the tower
(erect a monument to honor the five elements)
: play a game of jenga, though starting only with a 10-level high structure
: build as high as possible (the highest record gains a free element draw)
: certain jenga bricks had clue letters on them, forming a puzzle (solution: the)

the effigy
(commission artists to create an effigy to the greatness of the elements)
: play a game of pictionary in 5 minutes and with only one opportunity to pass
: each word gained is a clue word (solution: just)

casting the runes
(divine from the powerful letterforms what appeases the elements)
: play a game of boggle with scrabble tiles laid out 5x5
: 5 rounds, one minute each
: each word gained is scored by squaring the number of letters in it and the team with highest score getting a free element draw
: every 100pts won, the team is awarded a clue letter which eventually spells out a word (solution: magic)

(honor and preserve the memory of the elements in a legendary tale)
: play a dark version of "once upon a time" (it was a dark and stormy night)
: certain cards are marked with trigrams, when arranged, that form a sentence (solution: word)

the ineffable
(their powers go beyond that of human comprehension)
: get "interviewed"; ie, get asked a series of random questions
: the questions stop when the player doesn't know the answer (at which point they win)
: the solution for this challenge is "say"

the rituals metapuzzle
putting the words together, you get "just say the magic word". if any of the teams said a magic word (abracadabra, hocuspocus, please, etc.), they would have gotten the spell descriptions that weren't given out when they learned magic.

: construct a 2-minute puppet show or a mini-comic starring two turtles (cozy and drowsy) incorporating 3 of the following:
- "excuse me, you don't have any legs. 'k, bye!"
- a musical interlude (if performed) or a daring rescue (if drawn)
- an awkward moment
- looking for halloween costumes
- martha stewart

: with the rumis blocks, construct a 3x3x3 cube and then a 5x4x2 brick (to get the blocks back into the bag)

: arrange reversible letter tiles to form words that criss-cross each other crosword-style
: must use all tiles

: run-around
: go around the mall to find stores whose names begin with letters that spell out the word "water"
: return with proof
: no stealing nor spending money (unless you were going to anyway)