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This is the story behind grunt hunts 1 & 2. It was kind of hard to follow the narrative if only because it wasn't written outright - you had to read between the lines in the protagonist's journal to get what was really going on.

:: the story behind the 2003 hunt(s)

As the blog starts off, it's apparent that Cedric (the keeper of the journal) has got some strange mental problems and has to take some medication in order to alleviate their effects. The family physician, Dr. Gruber, decides to use some experimental medication on him in the hopes that it would improve his condition far better than what he was currently prescribed. The side effects, though, are a bit nasty - severe moodswings and chronic memory loss.

Outside of the illness, Cedric explains that he is just about ready to go to college, leaving the home that he shares with a father he despises. Claudius Grunt, CEO and President of grunt enterprises, is an absentee father and, as it turns out, isn't even Cedric's biological father. He views his son as a burden left behind by his wife and, as such, pays him no mind and outright neglects him. The only times he speaks to him is to remind him to take his meds. The only solace from this situation is Cedric's best friend, Cheney, and, well, the Internet.

As events unfold, it is revealed that Claudius is a bit of a slob, leaving his work materials all over their house with poor Cedric there to pick up after him. One time, however, Claudius carelessly leaves out rather important "documents" strewn about the house and, in cleaning up after his father as is his wont, Cedric encounters them. What he discovers are two ledgers for grunt enterprises - both with the same information but with different versions of the same numbers. In short, he discovers that his father has been "cooking the books" and embezzling a sizable amount of money from the company (and the stockholders). Cedric, being the embittered, estranged son that he is (the moodswings he's currently undergoing further fuel these feelings of contempt), decides to take these books and hides them. He's not certain what he'll do with them but his father doesn't notice their absence for quite some time.

Meanwhile, Cheney is having troubles trying to reconcile his issues with his emergent sexuality. He tries to get close to Cedric (who is completely oblivious to the intent behind Cheney's actions) and when he fails, he assumes the worst on Cedric's end and has a bit of a meltdown. Misinterpreting one of Cedric's bizarre moodswings, Cheney internalizes all his pain and fear and isolation with regard to his "condition" and, not knowing how to deal with his issues regarding his sexual identity, he runs away.

After some time, Claudius begins to suspect that he may have misplaced the company's account ledgers somewhere around the house and asks Cedric if he has seen any of his work stuff. of course he doesn't outright ask if his son has come across any of his falsified documents but, when asked, Cedric tells him that he hasn't seen anything. Claudius, however, is suspicious and doesn't believe him. From then on, he keeps a wary eye on his son.

Cedric begins to experience waves of paranoia as his father seems to suspect him of not only knowing the location of the "documents" but also taking them. At this time, Cedric's moodswings have quieted some (owing to an adjustment in medication from Doctor Gruber) but the memory loss is kicking in at full speed. He rationalizes that he will need some sort of reminder to help him remember where he hid the documents, having ensconced them at a location outside their home. After a chance encounter with a waitress at a 50s diner, Cedric gets the idea of having dogtags made with the location of the ledgers engraved upon them. This he gives to someone to hold for him.

At this time, Cheney's absence begins to leave its mark on poor Cedric, as Cheney was about the only family Cedric had. His concern for his best friend begins to color his mood, even. With his home situation worsening with his father's suspicions, he decides that maybe he, too, should run away and get away from the whole mess that finds home in the Grunt family. Suddenly, out of the blue, an email from Cheney indicates to Cedric that his best friend is, in fact, alive and well. No mention is made about what's going on with regard to his sexuality, however. Their friendship is patched, however, and while Claudius is away on business for several weeks, Cedric decides to run away as well, meeting up with Cheney in Illinois so that they can venture out together to the west coast. The dogtags, unfortunately, are completely forgotten.

After about a month or two (several weeks of which spent in Europe and Asia), Claudius begins to notice the complete absence of his son form their home. If not for the upcoming quarterly reports, he wouldn't care but he decides to take that step and outright accuse his son of taking his ledgers. He hires hunt private investigations to locate them for him before the company crumbles from his dishonesty.