june 27, 2003 | 7:20 pm

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Found this log tonight. The computer says it was from three months ago. I don't even remember having this conversation.

ChChChCheney: hey check this pic out:
ChChChCheney: i totally want to get this as a tattoo.
RightSaidCed: for some reason it kinda reminds me of my gym locker. *shrug*.
ChChChCheney: cool, huh?
RightSaidCed: sure.
ChChChCheney: so guess where i was the other night
RightSaidCed: i don't know. where?
ChChChCheney: at a bar
RightSaidCed: wait, you're 17, right?
ChChChCheney: yah, so?
RightSaidCed: how did you get in?
ChChChCheney: i've had a fake ID since i was 13. :)
RightSaidCed: really? wow. i don't know how anyone can manage to look old enough to get into bars when they're that age.
ChChChCheney: yah, well, i left it at the bar. so no more fake ID for me. :(
RightSaidCed: i mean, what, were you born with facial hair or something?
ChChChCheney: i suppose some people can recognize maturity even if it doesn't come up and bite them on the butt. :P
RightSaidCed: or do they always card you in like bad lighting and with dirty glasses or something?
ChChChCheney: ha ha friggin' ha.
RightSaidCed: :-)
ChChChCheney: well, i guess i'll start at the beginning because, heck, you should always start at the beginning.. :P i was at this bar the other night, "The Lucky 7". you know it?
RightSaidCed: on main street and lexington?
ChChChCheney: right.
RightSaidCed: okay
ChChChCheney: and i'm in there for almost an hour.. ya know, enjoying the scenery.. when this lady from across the room starts sending me drinks, smiling at me and giving me the freakin' hairy eyeball..
RightSaidCed: rock on :-D
ChChChCheney: actually, no. i didn't notice it at first
ChChChCheney: but it was mrs. sweeney from sophomore chemistry.
RightSaidCed: SEA WITCH SWEENEY?!!!?!
ChChChCheney: you got it.
RightSaidCed: dude, she's 37!
ChChChCheney: uh huh.
RightSaidCed: so, what did you do?
ChChChCheney: yo, i left. when i noticed who she was, i was out of there. didn't even touch the drink.
RightSaidCed: freaky. she's like 19 years older than you.
ChChChCheney: um, right
ChChChCheney: genius. :)
ChChChCheney: so, it wasn't until like 15 minutes later that i realized that i
ChChChCheney: had left my fake ID at the bar.
RightSaidCed: you think she'll realize that it was you?
ChChChCheney: oh, i don't think so - she was pretty sloshed.

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