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To view the solution to the puzzles, simply highlight the invisible text by clicking and dragging right where the words should be.

:: so you wanna see examples, eh?

example puzzle one
- A puzzle from grunt hunt 4, there was little flavor text to go with this. In fact, the flavor text hinted at there being a hidden message within the steps. What you'll be looking at is what appears to be a step-chart for a Dance Dance Revolution song as well as a step-chart describing the various steps.
:: [ gif 1 2 ]
:: [ solution | The chart that describes the steps themselves is actually the key to deciphering the first chart. If you notice, there are 26 blocks of four steps. Consequently, each block corresponds to a letter of the alphabet (fortunately, they're matched up in alphabetical order). Using this information, one can decipher the first chart by decoding the steps to individual letters. Doing so unveils this message, from top to bottom, left to right: THAT GUY GENE THAT WAS SINGING IN THE RAIN. The answer would thus be KELLY (as in, Gene Kelly). ]

example puzzle two
- This particular puzzle (from gh1&2) was in the form of a blog written by an emotionally unstable young man by the name of Cedric Grunt. What you'll be looking at in particular is a post in his web journal chroncling a chat session he once had with his buddy, Cheney. All the flavor text is in the blog post. Please note that the navigation links on this page have been deactivated.
:: [ html ]
:: [ solution | Taking a look at the tattoo image Cheney linked to, you'll notice that it resembles a combination lock. If that isn't picked up immediately, the soundtrack Cedric has refers to a (fictitious) musical group named after a very popular brand of combination lock and he even mentions that it reminds him of his gym locker. Going through the chat, you'll notice that numbers are mentioned and that after each mentioning there is a direction given, either left (counter-clockwise) or right (clockwise). Cheney mentions to start at the beginning because, heck, you should always start at the beginning, cluing that the letter A corresponds to the number 0 on a combination lock. Follow that combination on the tattoo image to spell out the word: RELATE. ]

example puzzle three
- Another puzzle from gh1&2, this, too, is from the blog of Cedric Grunt. Like the previous example, all the flavor text is in the journal entry and navigation links on the page have been removed.
:: [ html ]
:: [ solution | This puzzle is actually a word riddle. It first starts off with not only Sam Hetty saying that he himself is purple and like a rock, Cedric even mentions that he smells like something dug up from the ground. SAM HETTY is actually an anagram for the word AMETHYST (which is a purple rock dug up from the ground). Anagrams are actually clued at when Cedric mentions doing the Jumble early in the post. From there, you'll have to take the clue "swap wise with ease" to take on the next step. Sam mentions listening carefully to what he says and, if pronounced aloud, that phrase sounds like "swap Ys with Es". Cedric even mentions "minding his letters" to further clue that next step. Swapping those two letters in AMETHYST, you get AMYTHEST. Taking the letters that spell out EAST from that, you're left with the answer: MYTH. ]

example puzzle four
- In gh5, the hunters had to solve the mystery of a fellow college student, Stuart Carnie, and his alleged suicide. To do so, they had to go through his various effects. Here we have a crossword puzzle with a twist - it runs clockwise and counterclockwise rather than across and down. On the back of the crossword puzzle is a note from Stu's roommate, Brian, indicating a phone call he had missed: "Stu, Carter called again. I'm tired of being in the middle. Call him back. - Brian."
:: [ gif ]
:: [ solution | This puzzle has to be solved as a crossword before arriving at the final answer. Once the entire grid is full, however, using the clue in Brian's note, look down the middle column of the spiral to find the word BACKWARDS spelled out. ]

example puzzle five
- Another gh4 puzzle, what you'll see here is a (simplified) recreation of one of the stained glass windows at the murder scene of one of the serial killer's victims. The flavor text made note that there was something about this specific window at the Trinity Church that seemed to be saying something.
:: [ gif ]
:: [ solution | The 'trinity' hinted at in the flavor text may clue groups of three but in actuality the trinity is in reference to the three primary colors. Rotating the image 90 degrees counterclockwise and noting the presence of the squares that have red, yellow, and blue, a low-resolution message is spelled out: GALA EVENT OR TOY. The answer here is BALL. ]

example puzzle six
- As prospective graduates of Madame Zellina Gruntilla's School for Psychicness correspondence course, the hunters' final exam involved discovering the identity of the Back Bay Butcher, a murder on the loose in the streets of Boston. To do so, the participants of gh3 had to decipher clues not from scene-of-the-crime paraphernalia but by using their divinatory powers via the random things Madame Zellina herself picked up.
:: [ gif ]
:: [ solution | The key thing to notice here is what the stranger said about himself: "I can still see the things that matter without the need for noticing the colors". Additionally, note that Zellina uses the words 'remainder' and 'remained' within close proximity of each other. Each word on this list actually contains the name of a color in it, albeit scrambled. After removing the color name from each word, the remaining letters spell out: DICKENS BOY TWIST. The answer here is OLIVER. ]