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These people are totally 'teh awesome' for some reason or other.

Let it be known.

:: acknowledgement & special thanks board

grunthunt 1 & 2

John, for bringing the wireless access point for all hunters to use during part1 as well as part2 of the hunt (although 'all' only seemed to include his team the first time around).

Dayton, for being the only hunter who played remotely for all of part1 and part2 (he telecommuted from Florida those saturdays).

Matt, for being the first person to email Cedric directly (and then quickly following that up with an email offering some sort of 'accident' that would involve Claudius).

Derek G., for being the first person to actually threaten Cedric by email (the first email Derek sent included the words "Where the fuck are the documents?").

Matthias and Jacob, for dealing with the police (in response to the xenophobic, suspicious, paranoid neighbors of Watertown who apparently called in 'suspicious-looking people doing a scavenger hunt').

Mark and Matt, for coming up with a program to solve the anagram puzzle.

Tammy for helping out tremendously with the cooking.

Anthony, for not ruining the fun and for getting the nametags (which were never used because there weren't enough people who showed up on time to make use of them)

And, of course, Miller for putting the whole thing together.

grunthunt 3

Kate and Tammy, for dealing with the extra hour and a half hassle to get to the Prudential Mall just to participate.

Cordelia, for being the first one to figure out the metapuzzle system and then being crazy gung-ho about getting them all done as soon as they were dispersed.

Matt, for finding a way to get on over to boston (from rhode island) to participate in the hunt despite having had plans beforehand.

Carrie, for being pregnant and still playing.

Matthew, for having just way too much fun with the tarot card psychic puzzle.

Mark, for taking up the mantle of leadership when noone else was going to.

grunthunt 4

Richard, for demonstrating unparalleled sportsmanship and for also bringing and being a part of a completely newbie team.

Kirk, for making enough photocopies of the spells and their requirements for all the other teams to be able to use and also for proving that nonagrams are worth keeping in future hunts.

Mike, for doing practically all of the spells but mostly for cursing another team, thereby making things interesting.

Keith P., for coming up from New York and also for discovering and reporting errata.

Erich, for providing background turtle puppetry.

Jess, for staying until about 8pm even though she had somewhere else she was supposed to be and for also driving up from Rhode Island just to make it for the very first time ever (she missed each of the previous times).

Team Jimmy, for being the only team to recognize that the victims' names and methods of demise were all element-related.

Team Twelve-Eyes, for building the jenga skyscraper to beat all skyscrapers ever.

Mark, for realizing that it really wasn't an elephant after all.

Anthony, for being invaluable for the smooth flow of the hunt.

grunthunt 5

Team Purplesaurus Rex, for being the first team ever to finish the entire hunt and solve the whodunit! They also showed up all decked out in home-made grunthuntwear (which, sadly, did not earn them bonus points).

Joe, for wanting to get involved in the hunt so much that he and his fiancee drove 7.5 hours (from Maryland) to participate in this one.

Chris M. & Jenny, for aligning the stars and planets in such a way that they were finally able to attend this time.

Matt & Jess, for sporting winning team dogtags to the hunt (even if a set wasn't even theirs). And also for making it possible that Chris & Jenny to come to the event.

Jenny, for randomly coming up one time just to hug me and thank me for putting the whole thing together. And also for rocking the nonogram like nobody's frickin' business.

Jess, for being the total badass team captain who not only stocked up on 5 cards of antivirus but immediately sent a virus to some other team to get the ball rolling.

Elliot, for showing up despite the fact that the person who had originally invited him the last time wasn't able to make it. What's more, he brought a newbie, too!.

Mikey, for being totally excited about the Challenges and doing them no matter what they were.

Chris C., for convincing Roxanne and others to come spend an afternoon at the mall to solve some dorky puzzles. He also thinks that the red herring is the cutest thing ever.

Jason, for being the first to offer the suggested donation and consequently getting other people to donate money as well.

Tedd, for getting all SI in my face.

Christa, for always being in line. Anytime there was a line to see me, she was at the front of it.

Jenny, Joe, Tedd & Kate, for being ballsy enough to go do the incriminating photos porn challenge and come back with all giggles and photographic evidence.

Mikey, Chris & Kirk, for not only writing up the dirty poetry porn challenge but for also reciting them in front of the very people they wrote dirty limericks about.

Tedd, Christa & Tammy, for being good sports about the limericks written about them.

Tammy & Anthony, for being volunteer hunt staffers who did behind the scenes adminny work before and while the event even happened. This took so much off of my overall workload. Thank you guys so much.

Diane, for simply hanging out with me at first (since I made it a point to have people come see me for answer submissions and hint requests) but for also helping out with the running of the hunt when she saw that my hands were constantly getting full. Not only was it just kickass to hang out with her (because we seldom see each other), she sacrificed her afternoon to make sure that I wasn't just stressing out over the event and wound up helping with it despite the fact that she wasn't staff. Diane is totally the shit. Tell everyone I said so.

grunthunt 6

Narbey, for helping out with running the hunt.

Anthony, for being someone I could discuss hunt details with, despite his being in the UK.

Joe, for not only being a gracious guest while I was too busy ignoring him while putting things together for the hunt (as opposed to being a good host), but for being the only one to show up in swag and with winning team tags on. Oh, and also for taking team photos.

Paul, for being the absolute youngest hunter (14!) to participate and not letting that intimidate him or keep him from playing.

Mikey, for totally digging the haunted house theme and the items paradigm.

Baker, for surprisingly being as into the event as he no doubt was.

Team Captain Kirk & The Red Shirts, for having the team name that most sounded like a name for a band.

Kirk & Jenny, for making more than the suggested donation.

Team More Cowbell, for submitting answers (the members of this team have been on other teams in the past that were way too hesitant to submit anything).

Derek, for letting me commandeer use of his inkjet printer.

Rachel, for just getting it. I'd walk past her team and hear her arguing about a solution for a puzzle and, nine times out of ten, she was totally right.

Hani, for apparently playing while sick.

Jess, for rounding up the captains for the team captain huddle.

Mark, for assuming the mantle of leadership yet again.

Matt, Jess, Chris M., Jenny, & Joe, for coming from out-of-state (Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Maryland) to participate yet again.

Team Yer Mom, for just an awesome team name. Not enough jokes were made about it, sadly.

Elliot, for humoring the old man who came by at the end of the hunt, wondering what the hell we were all doing in the mall food court.

Chris M., Jenny, Kate & Tammy, for the much needed hugs.

Kristina, for telling me after the hunt to be sure to get some sleep. She then followed up with me to see if I was doing okay.

Team Crust of Spudmonkey, for not only continuing the Spudmonkey theme yet again and not arriving nearly as late as they thought they would have, but for bringing a team comprised mostly of newbies. Being an oversized team, they had one veteran and four newbies!

Team Purplesaurus Rex, for being the first team to ever win twice.

grunthunt 7

Kirk, for his obviously more elegant solution for the nonogram.

Mark, Matt & Mike, for doing the arm-wrestling challenge.

Team More Cowbell, for not only being the one team name repeated from the previous hunt but for also unlocking the Challenges right as time was called.

All the teams, for solving the nonogram.

Team Meniscus Parting Gift, for having the prettiest nonogram solution (it was shaded, even).

Tedd, for actually solving the sudoku puzzle.

Narbey, for only running 15-20 minutes late and for solving the sudoku puzzle by thinking outside the box.

Matt, for enthusiastically going after as many Challenges as possible.

Barbara, for coming back.

Teams Meniscus Parting Gift, Plush Cthulu-Chan & Something About Spudmonkey, for using the placeholder names Miller had idly come up with when drawing up tentative team rosters.

Elliot, for always bringing newbies into our fold.

Alastair, for bringing three newbies.

Teams Meniscus Parting Gift & Something About Spudmonkey, for completing all the puzzles in the hunt.

Teams Meniscus Parting Gift, Something About Spudmonkey & iTeam, for solving the Final Puzzle.

Team iTeam, for getting the Final Puzzle solution after time was called.

Matt, Jess, Joe, Jeff & Team More Cowbell for coming from out-of-state to participate.

Paul, for being the youngest hunter to date and, clearly, its biggest fan.

John, for being the veteran hunter that most people cited as being an absentee - clearly, he has been missed!

Claire, for coming up with 'bitchy' as half of a solution only to realize that 'shaftbitch' wasn't the other half.

Kate, for always making sure to cover her ears whenever she got anywhere near the staff table where people were either asking for Hints or submitting answers. And also for the random hugs and thank yous.

Joe, for making sure to take pictures and always offering to help out however way he could.

Kristina & Diane, for being the parties responsible for the general smooth flow of this hunt's proceedings and the even pacing of the overall activities. The success of gh7 was due in large part to their able-bodied assistance, generous support and boundless good humors. These ladies deserve everybody's respect and gratitude.