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Media, materials, paraphernalia and context specific to particular grunt hunts can be found in the hunts section of this site.

General information about the hunt is located in the about section.

:: a random assortment of general miscellany

- Find some answers for your frequently asked questions. 90% of these questions were actually asked, by the way. The other 10% probably should have been asked.
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example puzzles
- See first-hand what sort of cognitive arm-wrestling grunt hunters do for each event and exactly what sort of punishment they put themselves through as they undoubtably come back for more. And, hey, there are even solutions for you light-weights out there!
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ack board
- A special place for special thanks, acknowledgements, and so forth. Some things just gotta be said, is all. If you find your name on this board, you've no doubt earned a special place in the hearts of the event planners for something you did (whether you know it or not).
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hunt roster
- Find out what teams participated in each of the hunts, who made up each of those teams as well as who among their number held the questionably oh-so-prestigious position of team captain for that event.
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attendees list
- This is the comprehensive and complete list of every event participant from all the way back to grunt hunt 1, detailing which hunt they participated in independent of team membership. Useful for figuring out that pesky veteran hunter bonus.
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winner's table
- If people think that the same people or the same team wins each hunt, you'd be sadly mistaken. Here you will find the individual winners (independent of their teams) and their individual hunt history.
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glossary of terms
- Find out what people mean when they talk about 'post-multipliers', 'run-arounds' and other hunt-related terms. It's good to know the terminology if you want to speak the same language, after all.
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- By popular demand, here is the infamous red herring in all his (adorable) glory.
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grunt hunt trivia
- if you were looking for a random assortment of general miscellany, you'll find it here. This is just a list comprised of interesting tidbits, facts, and trivia regarding the history of the grunt hunt.
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