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the homepage of this site.

- news
find out the most current news regarding the grunt hunt.
> news archive
review all of the news ever posted on this site.

- about
what is the grunt hunt all about? how does one join? what sort of information should first timers be aware of?

- gameplay
team, puzzle & scoring, and general rules. helpful tips.

- hunts
information about the current hunt and previous hunts (themes, unique rulesets) as well as downloadable media specific to that event.
> gh1&2
> gh3
> gh4
> gh5
> gh6
> gh7

- links
puzzle- and hunt-related websites.

- stuff
other miscellaneous information and media about the grunt hunt.
> faq
frequently asked questions about the hunt, the event, etc.
> the ack board
acknowledgements and special thanks information.
> the hunt roster
team breakdown per hunt.
> the attendees list
complete list of event participants.
> the winner's table
data about previous winners independent of team associations.
> glossary of terms
definitions of commonly used terms having to do with the grunt hunt.
> example puzzles
puzzles taken from previous hunts along with their solutions.
> grunt hunt trivia
useless facts and tidbits surrounding the event.

- sitemap
this page here.

- store
external link to the grunt hunt online store at

- contact
contact information for grunt hunt staff regarding any and all issues.