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:: gh8 total scores

Total scores have been tabulated. Three teams finished! Check out how close some of the scores are:

First Place :: Velocipurpleraptor [ 32,165 ]
Second Place :: No BBQ [ 32,035 points ]
Third Place ::
More Cowbell [ 30,790 points ]
Fourth Place :: Apostrophe Spudmonkey [ 28,640 points ]
Fifth Place :: Posh Spies [ 28,000 points ]
Sixth Place :: Skull Migraine [ 21,490 points ]
Seventh Place :: Conspirates of The Caribbean [ 17,135 points ]

:: gh8

Residents of The Hunter Arms apartment complex discover one day that one of their fellows tenants, a paranoid recluse known simply as "Mr. G", has mysteriously disappeared. What's more, all signs seem to indicate that he has been missing for several weeks, leaving his apartment completely vacant for a couple scraps of paper found in his living room. Further discoveries reveal a loose floorboard in which his neighbors find a crazy journal, documenting Jeremy Gurn's bizarre view of the world and revealing that he was a conspiracy theory nut. It soon becomes clear that in order to unravel this mystery and determine the whereabouts of Mr. G, his neighbors will need to start thinking like him to pick up the trail.

- Apostrophe Spudmonkey
- Conspirates of The Caribbean
- More Cowbell
- No BBQ
- Posh Spies
- Skull Migraine
- Velocipurpleraptor

:: afterhunt!

Talk is a-brewing of what to do after the hunt winds down Saturday afternoon. Though it's not happened every time and it hasn't been in any way official, there has been an occasional (and pretty small-scale) after event get-together when the hunt wraps up.

Check out what's being discussed and chime in!

:: gh8 attendees & new staff

Check out the attendees list of the grunt hunt livejournal community to see who's planning on coming to this next hunt. A list of tentative teams will be forthcoming so that spares can find out who to team with ahead of time.

This hunt we'll be graced once again with the assistance of the lovely Miss Miss Diane as well as newcomer to the admin side, the fabulous Miss Christa. Please welcome Christa to ..the few, the tired, and the ones with all the answers... the grunt hunt staff. Woo!

:: gh8 invites sent

Invitations have been sent out for hunt participants, both new and old. Confirmed numbers can be found at the top of the page here.

As usual, it is highly advisable not to amass an all-newbie team. In fact, let's just save everyone some heartache and say ourtight that all-newbie teams are not at all allowed to participate in the hunt any more. Official rules will be updated to reflect this.

Have a friend or two that's interested in playing? Invite 'em along for the fun and let us know!

:: gh8 date set & the fate of winning team members

The next hunt is now set for saturday, april 28, 2007. Actual invites probably won't be sent out for another couple weeks but it's always good to plan ahead.

In other news, be on the lookout for a general request for some semblance of staff assistance. Last time, the hunt ran (eerily) smooth if not for the fact that A> the puzzles were a lot more doable that time around and B> three people (myself included) were running things. For those of you who have participated in previous hunts, gh7's remarkable lack of lines to submit answers, request hints or get challenges was no doubt memorable. It was downright uncanny but, allthesame, it was pretty frickin' stress-free. So, naturally, that sort of smooth operation is the goal for this hunt and future hunts as well.

That said, starting next hunt, winning teams have the opportunity to help out with the running (and possibly the planning) of the following hunt. This is in no way mandatory, of course, but given that people have mentioned an interest in the goings-on of the hunt from the admin side as well as expressed a selfless desire to help out should the need be there, the opportunity is being put out there for the eager. As an added bonus, it makes things nicer for everyone else not having to worry about the previous winners just sweeping in and taking first place yet again.

So, yay, morale!

:: gh8 - plans are afoot!

People weren't sure if the announcement that the hunt would be annual was a serious one but sure enough, October (the usual month for the fall hunt) has come and gone without any mention of team based puzzle competitions from us guys. (Sorry!) But now that we're nearing annual hunt time, dates are being figured out.

Our contenders: apr 21 or apr 28 (both, of course, Saturdays).

Speak up about which of the two you would prefer over in the livejournal community!

:: extended website family

More edits have been made to the site. Like all over the place. Especially in the rules section! Look around - you might notice a couple things. Other cosmetic changes to the site will be occurring over the course of the next few weeks (as time permits, really). They don't all require a separate news update, so keep a look out!

One thing in particular you might notice, however, is that the hunt site is now utilizing's excellent photo hosting site for all the pictures taken at the event. To visit the grunt hunt's very own flickr page, click here. You can even leave comments on the individual photos if you have your own flickr account!

Currently we are accepting suggestions for gh8's theme. Go to the hunt's livejournal community page to see what ideas have been submitted or simply go there to submit your own! Plans for other community-based posts also include a rehashing of all the puzzles that made up gh7 (as well as their solutions). If you don't have a livejournal account, go get one! (They're free!) As these posts won't be available to the public, you'll need an account to view them.

It's kind of funny how the hunt site is stretching out to include other sites like livejournal, flickr, cafepress and even paypal. One day, it will all reside on one website. One day..

:: announcements and site updates

As it was revealed at grunt hunt 7, the hunt will now occur annually instead of twice a year. Hopefully this will accomplish a lot in the preservation of sanity and the enhancement of production quality. Additionally, having the hunt once a year will make the launching of gruntwerk as a business venture a very possible and very do-able thing.

A great many changes and updates are being applied to various parts of the site. Additionally, materials from the last hunt are slowly being collected from the various attendees. If you have photos or any other materials that should be showcased on this site, send them off to Miller or Kristina so that they can get published here.

Areas of the site that will no doubt see updates and changes include: the hunt pages, the ack board, the complete hunt roster, the winner's table, the glossary of terms, the faq, trivia, links, and gameplay.

More to come..

:: gh7 total scores

Total scores have been tabulated. Two teams finished!

First Place :: Something About Spudmonkey [ 34,670 points ]
Second Place :: Meniscus Parting Gift [ 34,455 points ]
Third Place ::
iTeam [ 30,250 points ]
Fourth Place :: Plush Cthulu-Chan [ 26,410 points ]
Fifth Place :: More Cowbell [ 22,180 points ]
Sixth Place :: Triforce [ 11,635 points


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