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:: gh7 :: save macropolis city!

The city of Macropolis is taken over by an alien insectoid/robotic race! The first step in obtaining a foothold on planet Earth was to wipe out the city's team of superheroes. In doing so, they revealed their ulterior motive: to blow up the world with an intergalactic doomsday device from space! Chaos rampages throughout the urban area after The Watchtower, headquarters to the local champions, The CityWatch, is bombarded with lethal radiation from the upper atmosphere. Soon, the city all but breaks down completely as people evacuate in a mad panic.

News of this tragedy reach a neighboring suburb which just happens to be hosting an annual sidekick convention. With the local heroes out of commission, the sidekicks have to save the city in order to save the world. Doing so gives them the opportunity to become the city's new champions.. but they'll have to duke it out with the other sidekicks in the process.

Team Rosters *newbie
: anthony (team captain), kirk, mark, narbey

meniscus parting gift
: christa (team captain), matt, jess, tedd

more cowbell
: alastair (team captain), adam*, claire*, gregg*

plush cthulu-chan
: kate (team captain), jeff*, joe, tammy

something about spudmonkey
: elliot (team captain), andrew*, barbara, tina*

: mikey (team captain), erich, paul

Hunt Staff
: miller (hintman, challengeguy), kristina (answerlady), diane (supportwoman)

gh7 took place on Apr 8, 2006 at the Cambridgeside Galleria Foodcourt again. A toal of six teams participated with an undersized team playing due to one of its members falling ill. Three staffers were available to help with operations and event coordination - a significant contribution to the overall flow of the hunt.

This hunt marked the return of the much-loved scoresheet and re-introduced the item/opener metaphor (as used in gh6) in the form of impassable barriers: a miles-wide body of water, an irradiated building, and reaching a location that is in space. To prevent a bottleneck situation in keeping a team from progressing from one area to another, redundant openers were available to advance between 2 of the 3 locked areas:

crossing the body of water
(from the outskirts to the downtown area)
: jetpacks could be used to fly over
: a handcrank could be used to manually lower a bridge
: sewer tunnels could be used to go underground

getting past lethal radiation
(from the downtown area and into the watchtower)
: a forcefield generator could provide protection from radiation
: a rad-suit could provide protection from harm

from earth to the upper atmosphere
(from the watchtower to the mothership)
: using a teleportation relay device

In this hunt, Challenges were in the form of publicity stunts. After rescuing reporters from The Grangantuan Press, the hunters are encouraged to become the city's new champions.. all they would need is good public relations. The reporters are more than happy to provide them news coverage in exchange for getting the scoop on their adventures. Performing publicity stunts netted teams articles. News and editorial articles could then be exchanged for various media favors like getting insider information (free solution) or issuing a press release (free wrong answer negation).

- macropolis city covers [ gif 1 2 3 4 ] (flavor)
- sidekick deck/icons [ gif 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ] (challenge mechanism)
- official gh7 scoresheet [ pdf ] (challenge solution)
- publicity stunts & media favors [ doc ] (challenge system and ruleset)
- publicity stunts [ doc ] (challenge descriptions)
- secret origins : iTeam [ html ] (challenge solution)
- secret origins : plush cthulu-chan [ html ] (challenge solution)
- heroic poses photos : meniscus parting gift [ flickr ] (challenge solution)
- heroic poses photos : tri-force [ flickr ] (challenge solution)
- (example puzzles and solutions)
- event gallery [ flickr ]

First Place :: Something About Spudmonkey [ 34,670 points ]
Second Place :: Meniscus Parting Gift [ 34,455 points ]
Third Place ::
iTeam [ 30,250 points ]
Fourth Place :: Plush Cthulu-Chan [ 26,410 points ]
Fifth Place :: More Cowbell [ 22,180 points ]
Sixth Place :: Triforce [ 11,635 points ]