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:: gh6 :: the torment of unt manor

Victor Timonius-Guy bought Unt Manor for dirt cheap but soon discovers that this real estate acquisition wasn't his best idea. It turns out that what he winds up with are the remains of a reform school (The Unt School for Wayward Boys) that mysteriously closed its doors six months after they first opened. Eventually, he finds out that a gruesome mass murder took place on these grounds and the tormented souls that arose from such an event haven't quite left.

The Hunters come across this manor and are immediately locked within its grounds. They soon discover Victor's lifeless body lying beside a ouija board and a journal detailing the goings-on he encounters as he attempts to move in. It's up to the hunters to find out what exactly happened here 20 or so years ago as well as uncover the identity of that one deranged soul who slaughtered the children and staff of the former boarding school.

Team Rosters *newbie
captain kirk & the red shirts
: kirk (team captain), derek d.*, hani*, rebekah*

crust of spudmonkey
: elliot (team captain), barbara*, jacy*, kaitlyn*, victoria*

flesh eating virus
: christa (team captain), kip*, tedd, violet*

more cowbell
: mark (team captain), alastair*, kate, tammy

pirates, ninjas, cowboys
: mikey (team captain), baker*, erich, paul*

purplesaurus rex
: jess (team captain), chris m., jenny, joe, matt

yer mom
: derek g. (team captain), erik*, kristina*, rachel*

Hunt Staff
: miller, narbey (runner, supportman)

gh6 took place on Oct 30, 2005 (a Sunday) at the Cambridgeside Galleria Foodcourt again.
A total of seven teams competed and, just like the previous hunt, this one was so big that two teams had to take on a fifth member!

A new paradigm was introduced in this hunt. Given that the participants were exploring a haunted house, they were issued floorplans instead of scoresheets. Not all rooms were accessible (due to them being locked and boarded up) and, as a result, items were needed to get past these barriers (a metaphoric manifestation of openers for unlocking parts of the hunt).

- dominoes : more cowbell [ flickr ] (challenge solution)
- monopoly photos : p-rex [ flickr ] (challenge solution)
- risk : p-rex [ flickr ] (challenge solution)
- event gallery [ flickr ]

First Place :: Purplesaurus Rex [ 18,070 points ]
Second Place :: More Cowbell [ 13,985 points ]
Third Place ::
Crust of Spudmonkey [ 13,500 points ]
Fourth Place :: Flesh Eating Virus [ 10,660 points ]
Fifth Place :: Captain Kirk & The Red Shirts [ 9,885 points ]
Sixth Place :: Pirates, Ninjas, Cowboys [ 9,660 points ]
Seventh Place :: Yer Mom [ 6,230 points ]