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:: gh5 :: campus life (and death)

Stuart Carnie, a new freshman at Grunt University, has committed suicide recently. His suicide note, however, appears to tell a different tale. It's up to the students living in Hunter Hall to put the pieces together and discover who Stu's killer was. The problem is, though, he seemed to have pissed off a lot of people.

The Hunters are all students at GRU and realize that in order to solve the mystery surrounding his faked suicide, they'll have to investigate in places that the police missed. This means going through his garbage, his mail, his computer, and his freshman orientation packet. With the power of pornography, the Hunters are able to bring Stu's killer to light.

Team Rosters *newbie
majestic golden blowjobs of heaven
: kirk (team captain), anthony, jason, john, narbey

purplesaurus rex
: jess (team captain), chris*, jenny*, joe*, matt

spudmonkey's revenge
: erich (team captain), elliot, joe h.*, mike

tame team
: chris* (team captain), leslie*, rhien*, roxanne*

three-quarters dance-a-cum-cum
: christa* (team captain), kate, tammy, tedd*

Hunt Staff
: miller, diane (challengegirl, supportwoman)

gh5 took place on April 23, 2005 at the Cambridgeside Galleria Foodcourt again. This hunt marked the first hunt to have long distance travelers from as far as New Jersey (Chris & Jenny) and Maryland (Joe). Previously, hunters had come from as far as Rhode Island (Matt & Jess) and New York (Keith). In addition to that, this hunt was to first to be completed in its entirety the team of out-of-towners, no less.

On a more important note (important to those running the event, anyway), this was the first hunt in which participants were compelled to seek out someone in order to submit answers and request hints (as opposed to the other way around).

Incidentally, this hunt was so big that two teams had to take on a fifth member!

In this hunt, the Challenge system was revealed when 'investigating' the deceased's computer. In it, his Internet bookmarks were discovered.. and they were discovered to all be porn-related. In 'viewing' porn (metaphorically, people.. there was no actual pornographic materials viewed of any kind) and engaging the Challenges, the hunters were awarded mouse clicks from the various spyware that pornsurfing grants. These clicks were then turned in for a variety of bennies in the form of email actions (least of which involved sending viruses, chain letters, and flame mail to one another).

- stuart carnie's suicide note [ pdf ] (gh5 opener)
- grunt university official seal [ jpg ] (fictitious university brand)
- grunt university letterhead [ pdf ] (fictitious univesity materials)
- grunt university stationary [ pdf ] (fictitious univesity materials)
- gh5 challenge rules [ doc ] (challenge system)
- gh5 challenge descriptions [ doc ] (challenges)
- dirty poetry: chris-o: [ html ] (challenge solution)
- dirty poetry: kirk [ html ] (challenge solution)
- dirty poetry: mike [ html ] (challenge solution)
- incriminating photos: purplesaurus rex [ flickr ] (challenge solution)
- incriminating photos: three-quarters.. [ flickr ] (challenge solution)
- mah jong: purplesaurus rex [ flickr ] (challenge)
- clay fetish: matt [ flickr ] (challenge solution)
- clay fetish: mike [ flickr ] (challenge solution)
- spiral crossword puzzle (example puzzle & solution)
- event gallery [ flickr ]

First Place :: Purplesaurus Rex [ 30,595 points ]
Second Place :: Spudmonkey's Revenge [ 24,536 points ]
Third Place ::
Three-quarters Dance-A-cum-cum [ 21,028 points ]
Fourth Place :: The Majestic Golden Blowjobs of Heaven [ 19,945 points ]
Fifth Place :: Tame Team [ 4,960 points ]