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:: gh3 :: gruntilla's school for psychicness : final exam

It's Final Exam time over at Gruntilla's School for Psychicness and to complete the correspondence course to be a certified work-at-home psychic, the hunters must use their otherworldly powers to divine and help capture the Back Bay Butcher.

The Hunters have only strange mis-matched items (junk, possibly) as well as written messages from their psychic mentor to help them divine an answer. It's a good thing that they can use their psychic powers to aid them in their pursuit of the murderer.

Team Rosters *newbie
lesbians! monkeys! soy!
: tammy (team captain), kate, narbey

majestic golden blowjobs of heaven
: john (team captain), anthony, cordelia, matt

mark's team
: mark (team captain), carrie*, jason, matthew*

Hunt Staff
: miller

On May 15, 2004, Hunters assembled in the Prudential Mall Foodcourt to participate in the first hunt to be hosted in a public place. Given that Internet access and computer usage were now verboten, the puzzles were made more doable and solvable. Any research that needed to be done (if any) could be accomplished within the confines of the mall. Also, since puzzles were not deployed online, they all needed to be printed out as handouts (which proved to be infinitely more useful to the hunters themselves in terms of organization).

Another first for the Grunt Hunt came in the form of Challenges. gh3 was the first hunt to feature activities that paralleled the puzzles themselves. The Challenges were designed to be a cognitive respite from all the hard-thinking otherwise required by the puzzles as well as make the overall hunt easier to complete. They came in the form of board games and party games under the guise of psychic powers (tarot deck diviniation took on the form of a memory card game, for example). Completion of a Challenge allowed the team a free answer or hint or some other benefit.

- letter from Madam Zellina Gruntilla [ pdf ] (gh3 opener)
- Gruntilla's School of Psychicness logo [ jpg ] (gh3 event brand)
- laundrylist (example puzzle & solution)
- event gallery [ flickr ]

First Place :: Majestic Golden Blowjobs of Heaven [ 2152.5 points ]
Second Place :: Mark's Team [ 2085 points ]
Third Place ::
Lesbians! Monkeys! Soy! [ 575 points ]