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:: gh1&2 :: cedric's life - a medicated blog

Claudius Grunt, CEO & President of gruntwerk enterprises, solicits the aid of Hunt Private Investigations to locate some unspecified yet extremely important documents that he suspects his mentally imbalanced runaway stepson has in his keeping, potentially threatening the state of his company.

It is discovered that Cedric Grunt, the estranged stepson, has been keeping a journal on one of his stepfather's servers. The Hunters are to go through his weblog and see if they can determine any sort of information as to the whereabouts of the documents through his strange and puzzling posts.

Team Rosters *newbie
[ gh1 ]
derek rulezzz
: derek* (team captain), mait*, mike m.*

majestic golden blowjobs of heaven
: john* (team captain), cordelia*, jacob*, matthias*

mattapan rocks!
: dell* (team captain), narbey*, dayton* (remote), matt*

no bbq
: beth* (team captain), anthony*, mark*, jason*

[ gh2 ]
derek rulezzz

majestic golden blowjobs of heaven
(team member substitution)
: john (team captain), cordelia, gwen*, matthias

no bbq
: beth (team captain), anthony, mark, jason

the who
(team member substitution; renaming)
: narbey (team captain), diane*, kate*, tammy*

Hunt Staff
: miller

The reason Grunt Hunts 1 & 2 are always grouped together whenever they are cited is that they were originally one big hunt that had to be split over two separate events. Combined, these two hunts had over 70 puzzles, all of which were to be completed over a 6-8 hour period. At the end of the day, the halfway point was reached and hunters agreed to reconvene at a later date. As a result, gh1 took place oct 18, 2003 with gh2 happening nov 22, 2003, a little over a month later.

These two hunts were to be completed online. As such, the puzzles were terrifically complex and comprehensive (what with the entirety of the Internet at any team's disposal when it came to research and using automatic puzzle-solvers). Additionally, since the puzzles were located online, remote play was possible as well.

Both hunts were hosted at Miller's (then) apartment in Watertown, MA, where wireless Internet access was made available to all. One run-around in the neighborhood involved police officers called in to investigate 'suspicious characters involved in a scavenger hunt'. Following each hunt was dinner provided by the hunt's host and creator.

- letter from Claudius Grunt [ pdf ] (gh1 opener)
- second letter from Claudius Grunt [ pdf ] (gh2 opener)
- cedric's life [ html ] (gh1&2 puzzle site, limited functionality)
- what really happened [ html ] (the story behind gh1&2)
- cheneylog & sam hetty (example puzzles & solutions)
- event gallery [ flickr ]

First Place :: NO BBQ [ 5330 points ]
Second Place :: Majestic Golden Blowjobs of Heaven [ 2420 points ]
Third Place :: The Who (formerly "Mattapan Rocks") [ 1150 points ]
Fourth Place :: Derek Rulezzz [ 350 points ]