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:: current hunt :: gh9

What's been revealed so far
Dates are being selected for this 5th Anniversary Special Edition Hunt. Possibilities right now include: Oct20 & Oct27.

More details as they develop.

:: past hunts

cedric's life - a medicated blog

Claudius Grunt, CEO & President of gruntwerk enterprises, solicits the aid of Hunt Private Investigations to locate some unspecified yet extremely important documents that he suspects his mentally imbalanced runaway stepson has in his keeping, potentially threatening the state of his company. More.. >>

gruntilla's school for psychicness: final exam
It's Final Exam time over at Gruntilla's School for Psychicness and to complete the correspondence course to be a certified work-at-home psychic, the hunters must use their otherworldly powers to divine and help capture the Back Bay Butcher.
More.. >>

the alchemist

Bizarre murders are happening all over the place, each involving body mutilation, organ theft and possibly ritual sacrifice. The Hunt Private Investigation Agency must identify the culprit and bring him to justice. But are other forces at work here?
More.. >>

campus life (and death)
Stuart Carnie, a freshman at Grunt University, has committed suicide recently. His suicide note, however, appears to tell a different tale. It's up to the students living in Hunter Hall to put the pieces together and discover who Stu's killer was. The problem is, though, he seemed to have pissed off a lot of people.
More.. >>

the torment of unt manor
Victor Timonius-Guy bought Unt Manor for dirt cheap but discovers that it's really the remains of a reform school that closed its doors soon after they first opened. The Hunters come across this manor and discover Victor's body lying beside a ouija board and a journal detailing weird goings-on. More.. >>

save macropolis city!
The city of Macropolis is taken over by an alien race, wiping out its superheroes as their first step in their attempts to blow up the world! News of this tragedy reach a neighboring suburb hosting an annual sidekick convention. With the local heroes out of commission, the sidekicks have to save the city in order to save the world! More.. >>

in pursuit of the keymakers
Residents of The Hunter Arms apartment complex discover one day that one of their fellows tenants, a paranoid recluse known simply as "Mr. G", has mysteriously disappeared. To unravel this mystery and determine the whereabouts of Mr. G, his neighbors will need to start thinking like the conspiracy nut they discover him to be in order to pick up the trail. More.. >>