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At this time, we are not looking for other people to contribute in the development and/or production portion of the event. For now, it's just Miller.

In the future, should the hunt be opened to the public at large (as opposed to being merely invite-only), we will be looking to have some of the creative effort split up among a few bodies.

But don't let this stop you if you're interested in volunteering to help the admin and event staff!

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For more information on the grunt hunt (if you want to register a team, if you need directions to the venue, if you would like to participate in the event coordination, whatever), send an email to Most notably, if you would like to be on the mailing list please indicate so in your subject line.

Any questions regarding rules, scoring, and any sort of clarifications should be sent to that address as well. Otherwise, you can just get a hold of whoever's helping out in running it (provided you know who they are):

: puzzlecrafter | production | event staff

: gh8 : admin | event staff

: gh8 : event staff

: gh8 : event staff

: gh8 : event staff

For any and all issues as they pertain to this website (non-hunt related), please contact the webmaster at