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First time hunters would probably be best served by checking out the following resources:

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

:: what's all this then?

The grunt hunt is a semi-annual puzzle competition held locally in and around Boston, Massachusetts. It's kind of like a scavenger hunt.. but it really isn't. There's no going around town looking for a keychain with a rainbow on it or a coaster from a bar that isn't Irish. In fact, in this hunt, you don't appropriate anything from anywhere. Put simply, the competition challenges teams of four to solve a number of various puzzles whose answers form other puzzles until ultimately arriving at one answer.

If you like such things as logic puzzles, word games, number puzzles or other kinds of masochistic mindbender shizzle (some that might even include running around town in the classic scavenger hunt style), this might be up your alley. Or, hell, if you've heard of the MIT mystery hunt or the I'M GUNNA BE WICKED RETAHDED (come for the scenery, stay for the BAP) scavenger hunt of yesteryear or games like the seventh guest or the fool's errand or even the stone, you'll probably think this is definitely something you'd like doing.

This is pretty much an all-day event and well-suited to those who like to roll their sleeves up and get down to work with others. It's not the kind of thing you can drop in and do on the side. Ya gots to be devoted. Teams will be comprised of one to four members to compete with other teams in a series of puzzles. For the most part, the puzzles will be completed on paper but some of the puzzles will actually require going around the local area and checking things out first-hand.

Now, they won't require a degree from MIT to solve but they will be pretty tricky. You are only limited by your imagination - a lot of the puzzles that seem particularly difficult often have an embarrassingly simple solution.

Here's a sampling of the kinds of puzzles served up: anagrams, crosswords, wordsearches, palindromes, trivia, jigsaw puzzles, nonograms, runarounds, ciphers, interactive puzzles, team building activities, and others that flat-out defy naming.

A variety of subjects are covered as well, least of which including chemistry, poetry, technology and internet culture (l33t), national and world geography, grammar, and popular culture (comic books, movies, anime, tv shows, celebrities, movies, music, etc). Examples of the kinds of puzzles used can be found on the stuff page.

And don't worry - it's not nearly as dry as all that. There will be a theme to the whole game and mystery (the october hunts, in particular, are murder mysteries) and, if you're smart, lotsa caffeine. The competition will run from noon to 5pm, culminating in tabulation of scores, prizegiving, and dinner of some type. At the very least, it's a great excuse to get together, meet some new people, hang out with some not so new people, and lay the smackdown on other teams who were silly enough to think that they stood a chance at whupping your team's butt.

It's fun!

(No, really, it is.)

:: one of us! One Of Us! ONE OF US!

To participate in the grunt hunt is simple. First of all, you'll need a team. You and three others can compete with the other nerds so long as you are identified as a group. If you do not have a team or are lacking enough members to form a team, you can be matched up with spares who are looking for a team.

Secondly, you'll need to register said team. This could be as easy as contacting those running the hunt beforehand and letting them know that you and a bunch of people are raring to participate. Simply send off an email complete with team roster, team captain name (and that person's email address). When the day of the hunt comes, simply show up and play. Or you can simply register at game time, by checking in and having your team identified. Registration is free (though donations of $5 per person are, of course, more than welcome at the time of the event or even beforehand by way of PayPal).

Unfortunately, at this time, the grunt hunt is not open to the public. It is an invitation-only event. Those invited, however, can request for others to be invited into the event. Hopefully, the kinks will be worked out enough with the hunt that it may one day be open to everyone and not simply friends and friends of friends..