The Hub Crawl: a Boston-based Urban Photo Scavenger Hunt

helpful tips

general gameplay

  • Save time by splitting up.
  • You can use whatever technology is available to you at the time of the event.
    (So smartphones, GPSes, public internet access and geosynchronous satellites are fair game.)
  • Rather than amble about aimlessly, plan a route.
  • While one will be provided with your team's materials, consider bringing a map (however detailed it may be).
  • Don't show up late to the rally point!
  • Spend your time wisely. Not only is this a game involving photography and points strategy, it's also about time management.
  • Ask questions. Clarification is always free.

general health and safety

  • Wear comfortable shoes – you'll be walking around practically all day, after all.
  • In the case of an especially sunny day, be sure to keep yourself hydrated and use sunscreen as needed. Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: we do not encourage putting yourself in harm's way (e.g.; in the middle of traffic) in order to take your photos.
  • Don’t exhaust yourself. Rest up beforehand. Rest when you feel the need to.


  • Make sure your digital camera/cameraphone is charged and you have space for a bunch of photos.
  • Big fancy cameras may slow you down. Bring your lightweight point-and-click camera instead.
  • For the most points, get as many teammates in a photo as possible!
  • Get a passerby to take your photo.
    (The Hub Crawl is not responsible for your camera getting stolen, though. So, uh, maybe don't.)
  • Practice taking photos of yourself by perfecting the "MySpace" pose (where you turn the camera on yourself at arm's length).
  • Use a camera with a flip-around viewscreen or a phone with a front-facing camera.
  • If you and another team have simultaneously discovered the same token, don't be afraid to ask them to take your photo for you (so long as you return the favor).
  • Use one of those tripods with the bendy grips that let you mount the camera anywhere and on anything.
  • Save yourself some time and cover the locale that the rally point is in last.
  • If your team does split up and you wind up with some extra time, retake certain captures with more Team Members in it to get a bigger bonus.

puzzles and token captures

  • Tokens require more work but are worth the most points.
  • You can always ask about the status of a token in case it has been removed. Check Twitter or ask on Twitter about their status.
  • If you're having trouble with a puzzle, don't be afraid to ask for a little help. Hints are cheap.
  • Solve puzzles while on the go. You don't need to stop moving to solve them (but it certainly helps).
  • Alternatively, block out some time at the beginning of the event to sit down and solve all the puzzles and then decide your course of action from there.
  • Bring a clipboard or some sort of portable writing surface.
  • Although your team will be provided with a mechanical pencil, it may be useful to bring additional (mechanical) pencils. It may be useful to bring a big ole eraser, at that. It's not recommended to use pens on puzzles, though.
  • Want to train for the puzzle portion of the Hub Crawl? Check out Games Magazine.
  • Afraid that puzzles aren't your thing? Then don't do them. The event is designed in such a way that doing all the other photo-captures (and maxing out the member bonus) will keep you competitive. Of course, to win you'll have to do everything.





















newbie guide

Veteran crawler Kirk Israel has drawn up a cartoony guide, simplifying the rules and presenting them with cute monsters. Check it out!

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