The Hub Crawl: a Boston-based Urban Photo Scavenger Hunt


how companies can help the hub crawl

Interested in being part of a cool event with a growing participant base in the Boston area? Want to spread the word about your business or product in our target demographic? Well, good! The Hub Crawl sure could use some Sponsor Ninja! If you're thinking about sponsoring this event, here's what you need to know:

We believe sponsorship is a two-way street: our participants benefit, but so do you! Should your company decide to sponsor the Hub Crawl, this is some of what you'll get:

  • Street-level exposure for your business and brand
  • The opportunity to associate your business with a fun and creative event
  • Sponsorship credit on our website
  • Sponsorship credit in our team packets
  • Photos from the event for use in your own marketing and promotional materials
  • Social media marketing for your brand, via promotion to our followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

In addition to the base-level benefits of sponsorship, select sponsorship tiers can also:

  • Include branded swag or promotional materials in packets distributed to each participant team
  • Enjoy premier sponsorship placement on the website
  • Get sponsorship credit on premier event-branded apparel (e.g., commemorative t-shirts or baseball caps)
  • Offer promotions for distribution through our pre- and post-event channels



The aim of the Hub Crawl is to create a fun, active and unconventional experience for its participants. The Ninja Staff have traditionally self-funded the event, but as the event has grown, our ability to provide more swag and better prizes for the participants has also grown. If you're wondering about what we do with the proceeds, this line from the FAQ pretty much sums it up: "Proceeds?"

In short, any goods and money we collect from sponsors goes directly into making this event awesome! Your sponsorship contribution money and goods are used to:

  • Provide secondary and ancillary prizes for top performing teams
  • Defray printing costs and other overhead associated with the event
  • Produce team packets/goodie bags
  • Pay for the cool custom-engraved grand prize trophies for winners
  • Help cover the cost of premier event-branded apparel

Also, being associated with certain kick-ass companies and products gives our little event a nice signal boost. How can we not love that? We make it a habit to brag about our kick-ass Sponsor Ninja to our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ followers and we love it when our sponsors talk up our event to their followers. Total win-win!

All of this makes it possible for us to throw a better event for our participants, spread the word to new participants, and make the Hub Crawl one of the premier urban photo scavenger hunt/puzzle game events in the Boston area - if not the world! (Well, maybe not the world quite yet. But just you wait!)



Being an event organized by only a few individuals, we have the benefit of being very flexible. We're happy to discuss sponsorship in whatever form works best for you - be it through donating personal goods or cash to defray the costs of the event. If you're interested in being a Sponsor Ninja, here are a few things you need to know:

Sponsoring with Goods
If you're sponsoring with goods, we'll distribute them in two ways: as prizes for teams or as swag/giveaways/goodies in the packet of game materials each team receives at the start of the event.

High value goods will be used as prizes for the best performing teams. We may introduce mini-game prizes or special category prizes if we receive enough sponsorship for this year's event. Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors of the 2011 Hub Crawl, teams all the way down to 6th place received prizes! Participants were pleasantly surprised and thrilled that there were so many prizes to be won, adding to their overall enjoyment of the game.

In addition to providing nice little goodies for event participants to enjoy, swag provided by sponsors is an opportunity for companies to promote their brand and product. Depending on quantity, swag and giveaways will be used as incentives for pre-registration, their disbursement prioritized for those who registered early.

We would appreciate it if goods were provided either:

  • in multiples of four to more easily be used as team prizes
  • in bulk (around 60 or more) for distribution in team packets

Sponsoring with Cash
If you're sponsoring with cash, we'll use it to help counter the costs of the event. Cash amounts beyond these costs may be used to purchase additional prizes or swag for our participants. If you're interested in providing swag or prizes but don't have any products yourself, feel free to talk to us about sponsoring with cash and earmarking it for specific swag or prizes.


benefits of sponsorship

To make it easier for you to decide how you would like to sponsor the Hub Crawl, we've organized sponsorship benefits into sponsorship tiers identified by, well, a ninja of increasing degrees of nerdiness. We use the value of your goods or cash donation to determine which sponsorship tier you qualify for. All Sponsor Ninja get the base level of benefits mentioned earlier in the first set of bullets in the "What You Get" section above, including photos from the event that you can use for marketing and promotional materials. Email us for pricing information for each of the sponsorship tiers.

Pocket Protector Ninja
Introductory Sponsorship Tier

  • A sponsor description blurb in the complete list of sponsors on our website that describes your company, features your brand and provides inbound linking to your website
  • Credit in the complete list of sponsors in our team packets

Math & Chess Club Ninja
Intermediary Sponsorship Tier

  • Inclusion of your brand in the prominent Sponsor Ninja sidebar of website, providing inbound linking to your website
  • We'll include a branded marketing/promotional post card insert that you provide into the team packets
  • Benefits of previous tier

Science Fiction Convention Ninja
Featured Sponsors Tier

  • Premier event-branded apparel (if any) will feature your logo
  • Secret sub game assets will feature your logo and provide inbound linking to your website
  • Mention in game-day communications both in-person and via liveblogging
  • We'll help you custom-design a flyer or marketing piece for insertion into team packets
  • Inclusion in our pre-event and post-event promotional channel
  • Benefits of all sponsorship tiers

If you're interested in defining a custom sponsorship level, feel free to email us; we're happy to talk about what you might like and how we can make sponsorship work best for you.

Help us make this Hub Crawl the best event ever. Check out our growing list of Sponsor Ninja!

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