The Hub Crawl: a Boston-based Urban Photo Scavenger Hunt

about the hub crawl

an urban photo scavenger hunt

The Hub Crawl is a game involving an afternoon out, digital photography, puzzlesolving, teamwork and finding out how well you know your way around Boston. It's a race against the clock sort of event where the hub's reputation for being a walkable town is truly tested. What's more, it's a great opportunity to spend some time with friends, exploring, taking pictures and having yourself a little adventure.

The event in a nutshell:

Equipped with smart phones and digital cameras, teams compete by visiting various parts of the city to take “photo-captures” of listed sites and objects for points. Some photo-captures won't be listed but will instead involve solving puzzles. Their solutions will hint the location of “tokens” hidden in the city that can be photographed for more points. Taken together, these tokens spell out the details of a final capture. Get a photo of that for even more points. The team with the most points at the end of three hours wins!

Nerdy? Yep. Adventurous? You bet. Sound like fun? Give it a shot. And, hey, it's cheaper to sign up if you pay early, too!


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newbie guide

Veteran crawler Kirk Israel has drawn up a cartoony guide, simplifying the rules and presenting them with cute monsters. Check it out!

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