Champions of Breakfast Quote Board

In-character or out-of-character, the chatter this supergroup has makes sure that our comm devices see a lot of action.

What's featured here are the wonderful one-liners our sgmembers have said or what others have said to them.


"Where's my 'hangs head in embarassed shame' emote?"

-Marmalade Maverick, reacting to what goes on in sgchat.

"Marmalade, you bitch! I heard you stole my beret. You need to go back to sporting your cowboy hat. We are NOT twins."

- Cafe Au Lait, clearly displeased with Marmalade Maverick's choice in uniform accessories.

"Legs Benedict, did you know that I'm Magically Delicious?"

-Frozen Charms, breaking the ice as it were .

"We totally look like some kind of breakfasty longbow"

- CinnamonToast, in awe of Task Force Fox's all-uniformed appearance.

"Didja ever notice how the word heroic begins with her and ends in O I C ?"

-Marmalade Maverick, having a revelation.

"Cool, I SO want to run someone through the General Mill"

- Snap Crackle and Pop, when asked to join an all-sg teamup.

"This screams 'BREAKFAST FORCE GO' followed by unnecessary action shots of clockworks getting punched"

- Puissant Croissant reacting to the sight of sgmembers clad in uniform and huddled together.

"BEHOLD! Golden Toaster!"

- 40-Slot Toaster, after playing around with SG colors on his costume.

"Don't worry, granny has enough sugar free candy to keep you healthy!"

- Granny-O, while spamming the heals during an Outcase base raid.

"Grandma isn't wearing depends. Back in a second."

- Granny-O, letting everyone in the team know of her impending bio break.

"He couldn't handle the breakfast"

- CinnamonToast, after beating up Long Tom during the Synapse Task Force.


- Marmalade Maverick, during an sg Synapse Task Force.

"Great, now we'll need a disclaimer on the site"

- Cornflake Cereal, in response to the humor prevalent during an sg Synapse Task Force.

"I don't think kicking bad guys over railings will ever get old"

- Yoshi Ayase, during an sg Positron Task Force.

"Feed me!"

- Sausage Patty, at various times.

"That sounds like the yummiest SG ever."

- Miss Carson, in response to an Open Recruitment broadcast.

"Fight for WHEATIES!"

- BionicSoldier, in response to an Open Recruitment broadcast.

"Crimefighting with a balanced breakfast, what could be better?"

- Cornflake Cereal, describing his first day with the supergroup.

"I love eating u in the morning :) lol"

- Rockin Rumbler, in a random /tell to CinnamonToast.

"I'm wearing a thong."

- Imperial Ice, for no reason whatsoever and just before entering a troll cave mission with Marmalade Maverick, Cafe Au Lait and The Brunch Ninja.

"Mmm.. You look.. dunkable."

- Officer Cruller to Coffee and Cream, upon teaming up for the first time.

"Some Hellions just said that I was toast. Being a pancake, I took offense to that."

- Short Stack Flapjack, while crossing Atlas Park.

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Breakfasty Battlecries
"You're.. Toast!"
-40-Slot Toaster
"I will toast these foes on both sides, and smother them in Aunt Jemima's good justice!"
-Belgian Waffler
- The Brunch Ninja
"Taste the charred fists of Justice!"
- Burned Toast
"Evil never sleeps, nor do I!"
- Cafe Au Lait
- Char Siu Bao
- CT:
"You want sugar with that, cutie?"
- Coffee and Cream
"Liberte, egalite, petit dejeuner!"
- Crepe Crusader
- Eggo Leggo
"They're after me lucky charms!"
- Frozen Charms
"The Juice is loose!"
- Juice Lord
"You're like totally going to die!"
- Legs Benedict
"Prepare to get smeared!"
- Marmalade Maverick
- Officer Cruller

"Patty HONGRY!"
- Sausage Patty.

"Maple syrup, baby!"
- Short Stack Flapjack

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