The Blue Plate Special ::

Check out the Champions of Breakfast's very own official forums, courtesy of InvisionFree.com. Not only is it a handy dandy discussion board in the interest of fostering community, it's an equally handy dandy locale to look at our scheduled SG-related events. Go there. Make some noise. Have fun.

On Timetable ::

Find out when you can more or less expect to come across other members of the Champions of Breakfast over in Paragon City. Great for scheduling teamups or just to find out when's a good time to grab a hold of any of us in person.

Gallery ::

Check out our photo gallery for pictures of members either fighting together or just plainly hamming it up for the camera together. For photos of particular team members, please visit that individual member's profile page by way of the roster.

Commendations ::

Much like City of Heroes, the Champions of Breakfast have their own badge system to award or otherwise identify certain supergroup members.

Quote Board ::

Random things said by members of the supergroup or said to them. Enjoy the weirdness.

CoB Frappr ::

The Champions of Breakfast are all over the map..literally. Find out where exactly.

Links ::

Other related or not so related sites that share some association with the Champions of Breakfast.


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