Supergroup Rules

In terms of rules governing this supergroup, we're pretty laid-back. There's not a whole lot that gets enforced as we're not a strict bunch but there are a couple things to note, though:

Age Requirement
All our members are 18 and older. We feel comfortable keeping it that way.. especially to keep us from feeling all Michael Jackson when it comes to teaming up.

We're all adults and we all (presumably) live our lives outside of City of Heroes. As such, we don't expect everyone to constantly be active. With all the alts within the group alone, it wouldn't be fair to have that expectation applied to anyone. However, prolonged inactivity may eventually lead to the ousting of a member. Should a character be inactive for more than 45 days they stand a good chance of getting kicked out of the group. This is not to say that come the 46th day there will be an autokick action. It's CoB Officer prerogative, really.

Supergroup Mode
Though we don't require the donning of sgcolors or even the emblem, please be in supergroup mode as often as you can. Not only could we use the help in acquiring prestige, but increasing awareness of our group is a nice bonus for the team. Upon acquiring level 25 or 26 (whichever the level is at which Influence accrual is diminished in favor of Prestige), try to be in sgmode when you can.

Profile Page
All supergroup members (including New Recruits) get listed on our roster. For a supergroup member to get a profile page, they need to have accrued at least 1000 points of prestige, be of rank Awakened Soldier or higher, and provide all profile content (via the forum) ahead of time. Alts of existing members bypass the rank rule.

Currently, there is no limit to the number of alternate characters a player can have. In order to have an alt in the supergroup, however, the player must have his first character be of rank Morning Hero or higher. The only stipulation is that beyond the designated main character of a player, alts will not ascend in rank beyond Morning Hero. The reason this ruling is in place is to encourage sgmembers to rise in rank by way of contributions to the supergroup. This deters the slow progression of characters as players will not find themselves so divided between x-number of toons. Additionally, this inhibits membership inflation from the inclusion of alts over the acceptance of new global users.
Beyond the Profile Page exception in the preceding rule, all rules apply to alts just like any other character.

Probation Period
New Recruits get started off at Early Riser, a probationary rank to evaluate whether or not it's a good fit for both parties involved. The probation period runs for about two weeks whereupon the new recruit must team up with other SGers on at least 3 separate occasions (one time must be with a supergroup leader).

If in that time the New Recruit demonstrates the same kind of camaraderie and teamwork that already defines the group, makes noteworthy contributions to the team (prestige or otherwise) as well as maintains a continued interest in the supergroup, the Recruit gets invited to the team properly and is promoted to Awakened Soldier status, becoming a true member of the Champions of Breakfast.

Give & Take
Awakened Soldiers and higher ranks are welcome to remove Inspirations and Enhancements as needed from base storage, provided they contribute any unneeded Inspirations and Enhancements back into the appropriate storage devices when they can. We ask that sg members do not take Enhancements with the sole purpose of selling them for Influence. Enhancements are placed in the storage device with the understanding that a fellow supergroup member could make use of such a generous offering. Heroes have plenty of other means for generating Influence and should not rely on the generosity of other members to fund their own Enhancement purchases. Inspiration and Enhancement flow are monitored by the Super Group leaders, but if you stick to the “take a penny, leave a penny” rule, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Inter-character offenses between sgmembers or sgmembers and non-sgmembers will result in a warning. Should matters escalate beyond the issuing of 3 warnings, a swift kick will be issued without any further warning.


The Official Supergroup Uniform

Click here to view the uniform (customized for The Brunch Ninja)

As stated in numerous places on the site, we do not enforce the adoption of the sgcolors and emblem when adventuring in supergroup mode. However, should a team member feel so inclined, we do have a supergroup costume that serves as our official uniform. Taking this on is a voluntary option for any member of the sg, as choosing to outfit oneself in the official uniform requires the surrendering of one of the four costume slots allowed per character. Electing not to give up a slot comes at no penalty to the sgmember.

For their trouble, the team member that gets the uniform is publicly acknowledged as a supporter via the awarding of a special Commendation Badge as well as two additional photo slots in their Profile Page Sidebar Gallery.

Please see the next section below for costume specifications.

HEAD: (any)
- Look: (completely customizable)
- Colors: Yellow-Orange, White, Grey (any order)

CHEST: Tights Sleek
- Pattern: Stripe 1
- Colors: 1/White, 2/Yellow-Orange

- Colors: 1/Yellow-Orange, 2/Grey

- Colors: 1/Black, 2/Yellow-Orange

GLOVES: (any)
- Colors: Grey (by itself or with Yellow-Orange/White/Black)
- Look: (completely customizable)

BELT: (any)
- Colors: Grey (by itself or with Yellow-Orange/White/Black)
- Look: (completely customizable)

PANTS: Tights Sleek
- Pattern: Stripe 1
- Colors: 1/White, 2/Yellow-Orange

BOOTS: (any)
- Colors: Grey (by itself or with Yellow-Orange/White/Black)
- Look: (completely customizable)

CAPE: (any)
- Interior Colors: Yellow-Orange (by itself or with Grey/White)
- Exterior Colors: Grey (by itself or with White/Black)
- Look: (completely customizable)

The idea here is to have key pieces (Chest, Chest Detail, Shoulders, Pants) that are identical across many characters to visually unify the team as a whole but allowing for individualization through the customization of the accessories (Belt, Gloves, Boots, Cape), which are still unified on some level by color. For The Brunch Ninja, his selection of the head band, ninja hood, tied cloth belt and hand wraps add a signature flair to his uniform. For CinnamonToast, the little face mask, the circles-patterned gloves and possibly the vest jacket would be hers. Beyond those accessories, the two would essentially have the same uniform.

In terms of color, the Yellow-Orange referred to is located on the palette picker at Row 4, Column 7. Grey is Row 1, Column 5.



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