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Breakfast Champion Leader
Brunch Warrior Commander
Morning Hero Captain
Awakened Soldier Lieutenant
Early Riser Member

Member Count: 60

Global Count: 31
Ally Count: 2

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Name Rank Origin / Archetype Global
40-Slot Toaster Awakened Soldier Technology Blaster @Allenby
Agent Earl Grey Morning Hero Science Defender @Alluvion
Apple Aday Awakened Soldier Natural Tanker @Tiger Lady
Bacon Scrambler Awakened Soldier Magic Blaster @Princess Iceflame
Belgian Waffler Ally Science Blaster @Belgian Waffler
Biscuits 'n Grieving Early Riser Science Warshade @Archmage Chaos
Breakfast Link Awakened Soldier Magic Scrapper @Bazil
The Brunch Ninja Breakfast Champion Natural Scrapper @cobie
Burned Toast Brunch Warrior Science Tanker @Nukroo
Butter Side Up Early Riser Mutant Controller @Soul of Ice
Cafe Au Lait Breakfast Champion Science Defender @Aerospark
Captain Over Easy Early Riser Mutation Tanker @Crimson Elder
Char Siu Bao Early Riser Magic Scrapper @Aerospark
CinnamonToast Morning Hero Science Tanker @cobie
Coco Poof Awakened Soldier Magic Controller @Aerospark
Coffee and Cream Awakened Soldier Mutation Controller @Bazil
Coffee Man Awakened Soldier* Science Scrapper @Capt. Furious
ColdPizza Awakened Soldier* Natural Controller @Alluvion
Cornflake Cereal Morning Hero Mutation Defender @SolSnake
Cornflake Grrl Ally Magic Blaster @avantard
Crepe Crusader Awakened Soldier* Magic Controller @Bravo One Eight
Da Muffin Man Morning Hero Natural Scrapper @Belgian Waffler
Eggo Leggo Awakened Soldier Natural Scrapper @Tiger Lady
Espresso Roast Early Riser Mutation Blaster @Kurtal
Flap McJack Early Riser Science Tanker @Murgin
French Toast Phantom Awakened Soldier* Natural Peacebringer @Aerospark
Frosted Frakes Early Riser Science Tanker @Allenby
Frozen Charms Morning Hero Mutant Blaster @Frozen Charms
general.mills Early Riser Science Blaster @avantard
Got Milk? Early Riser Magic Tanker @Mystery Soup
Granny-ola Morning Hero* Magic Defender @Granny-ola
The Grapefruits Morning Hero Mutation Defender @Allenby
Hard-Boiled Early Riser Mutation Defender @Sigrun1
Hashish Brown Awakened Soldier* Mutation Defender @SolSnake
Huevos Rancheros Awakened Soldier Mutation Controller @aaronjaye
The Juice Lord Morning Hero Mutation Defender @Archmage Chaos
Legs Benedict Brunch Warrior Magic Scrapper @avantard
Maple Brown Sugar Early Riser Mutation Tanker @Aerospark
Marmalade Maverick Morning Hero Technology Defender @Alluvion
Marmalade Marauder Early Riser Magic Scrapper @Alluvion
Mimosa Magna Early Riser Mutation Blaster @Aerospark
MochaLatte Early Riser Natural Scrapper @Ang9el
Navi-Os Awakened Soldier Magic Controller @Nukroo
Officer Cruller Morning Hero Natural Blaster @cobie
Peach Blintz Awakened Soldier Natural Tanker @Granny-ola
Pesto Omlette Awakened Soldier Technology Blaster @soulfly2
Puissant Croissant Morning Hero Mutation Tanker @Curly Brace
Radiant Citrus Early Riser Science Defender @Tiger Lady
Raisin Brave Early Riser Magic Blaster @Liquid Ghost
Sausage Patty Awakened Soldier Mutation Scrapper @aaronjaye
SconeCold JaneAusten Early Riser Science Tanker @avantard
Sergeant Sausage Early Riser Natural Blaster @Nukroo
Short Stack Flapjack Brunch Warrior Magic Defender @Agent Patriot1
Snap Crackle and Pop Brunch Warrior Magic Blaster @Bazil
Southern Grits Early Riser Magic Blaster @Strange 20
Sweet Sassy Molassy Awakened Soldier Mutation Controller @avantard
Toasty Buns Early Riser Mutation Controller @shadovious
Totenkaffee Early Riser Science Scrapper @Curly Brace
Venus Blintzkrieg Early Riser Natural Peacebringer @Aerospark
Vitamin Supplement Early Riser Science Defender @Questar1
Vitamins and Iron Early Riser Technology Blaster @Archmage Chaos


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