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I, of course, am none other than Jane Austen herself, beloved 19th-century British authoress. I was about the shops early one mids-summer morn, and popped into the baker's to procure a sack of scones for a ladies' breakfast tea I endeavoured to host at 10 o'clock. Of course, I am terribly clumbsy and so took a nasty tumble into a vat of the very batter! The baker, who was contriving to produce the world's largest scone, took no notice and into the oven I was poured.

And yet, my fate was not sealed, dear friends, as I was rather well preserved instead! For more than a century I was trapped within the scone that sat gathering dust in a tedious museum of the type we Brits are so fond. It was only by another accident of the janitorial variety that the ancient, giant scone was tipped from its perch and cracked square in two. I tumbled out, no worse for the wear, and found I had been imbued with strange powers, which I use to encourage manners in the fine British tradition!


British. Polite & Clever. Well-mannered.


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