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The teasing began during a 2nd grade recital. My mother forced me to go wearing this ugly little dress that was about 3 sizes too small. As some little boy noticed, I looked like a stuffed sausage. Someone called me 'Sausage Patty' and it stuck.

It didn't help either that my mom continued to feed me a big 'healthy' breakfast every morning. What was next to the eggs? Yep, sausage patties.

I'd be wailing and crying, and she'd simply remove the cigarette from her mouth and say: "Eat your sausage, Patty."

For 10 years I ate my emotions. The teasing never stopped, nor did the breakfast or mom asking me to eat my food.


I did what any kid would do, I put up with it, knowing that one day I'd be moving on to a better place.

When I came to Paragon City, I was jumped by some Hellions. They teased me about my size... and as their blows rained down upon me, something happened.

I had had enough.

I fought back.

I decided instead of the name owning me, I'd own the name.

I'm Sausage Patty.




Dark Armor, Regeneration, Leadership.


"Patty HONGRY!"

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