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Officer Cruller is on a crusade. Or so he thinks. For starters, his name isn't even Cruller. It's Hughes. Paul Hughes. Paulie, to some. He's just called Officer Cruller because of his unrivaled fervor for that delectable of delectables, that indulgence of indulgences.. the mighty donut.

Thanks to his Police Chief Dad, ever since Paulie was a wee munchkin he's been madly in love with that particular confection of a thousand faces. It's the perfect fuel for the man machine that he considers himself to be (he even declares so on occasion). Recently, he's heard that there's been a shortage of donuts in Paragon City. Crullers, namely. Surely this must be the work of villains, thought he, not once conjecturing so pedestrian an explanation as, ya know, a downed delivery truck or something equally mundane.

(He's not very bright, ya see.)

So now, Paulie's on a quest to vanquish all evil to safeguard the inscrutable and delectable donut. Because if he doesn't save the wee donuts, who will?


Kinda dumb. Likes to make lewd comments to the ladies, especially the younger ones.


Assault Rifle, Devices



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