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My daddy bought me these totally cool sword while he was in China on business, because he knew I was in self-defense classes and I've been doing really well. Turns out, they're magic. I KNOW, RIGHT??? So anyway, then I was sitting in class one day with my friend Tiffany, and I told her all about the sword, and then she told me that she just got some powers too. I'm like, ohmigod are you joking?!Then she tells me she's been hanging around with these super heroes and they've been teaching her stuff and that I can come too. So now I'm like, totally in a super group with her and we have all sorts of crazy adventures. I even got my own code name. I wanted a cool one, but they told me it had to be breakfasty. What. Ever.


Spunky.Spoiled rich girl.


Katana, Super Reflexes, Concealment, Speed, Fitness.


"You're like totally going to die!"

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