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Jack "The Man" Mannington was the son of Wilson Mannington, better known to the folks of Paragon City as 'The Juice Lord'. Wilson had been mutated by an expired carton of orange juice, and found that he'd been able to use his voice to stop evil-doers in their tracks. Alongside the fellow heroes The Waffler, Two-Egg Mojo, Princess Hashbrown, and the Dairy Ninja, they'd patrolled the city as the Champions of Breakfast, but all that was long ago.

The mutant genes passed from father to son, but not in the same way. As he passed into adulthood, Jack found that he could control the very air around him, and that he seemed to be able to mentally "push" others. When Jack saw that new heroes had taken up the banner of the Champions of Breakfast, he knew that he had to follow in his father's footsteps. Creating an outfit, he became the new Juice Lord, ready to carry on the family legacy.


Coming soon...


Storm Summoning, Psychic Blast.


"The Juice is loose!"

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