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Ola Jorgenssen - AKA: OJ - the mystic matriarch of the Swiss Peace Taskforce

Her ex-team - The Swiss Miss, Chocolate Crusader, Galileo, The Time Templar & Swiss Army Knife.

OJ found herself in Paragon City after one of her team defected. The Swiss Army Knife found the neutrality of his country maddening, and thus used his super-intelligence (not to mention 21 attachments) to entrap his team in his built in mp3 player. (a new feature on Swiss Army Knives for retail)

Ola missed this transforming dance party, (spending time with the grand-children) but followed clues left by The Loathsome SAK to Paragon City.

She dropped the name OJ (bad connotations in the US) and adopted Granny-ola when discovered by The Champions of Breakfast.

Now she fights crime alongside her nutrition conscious comrades while trying to obtain leads on Swiss Army Knife..


The doting grandmother .


Empathy, Psychic Blast.


"Dried fruit, and nuts!"

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