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Born in a freak mid-summer ice storm in the year of 1969, Frozen Charms has always has always played second fiddle to his older brother. Whenever his bother is unavailable, Frozen was always asked to stand in for him while filming commercials. This changed late in the year 1993 when Frozen's brother successfully placed Rainbow marshmallows in the cereal the year before. After returning from a two year vacation Frozen's brother was irate that his brother would enter such a controversial symbol into a childrenâ?Ts food. Since then Frozen decide to do something better with his life While not being as "lucky" as his brother when it comes his own to fame and fortune, Frozen has always had the higher moral ground. These days Frozen can be found throughout Paragon City, help those in need.


Fairy prince. Leprechaun.


Ice Blast, Devices.


"They're always after me lucky charms!"

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