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Like most 15year-old girls in Paragon, Tiffany Cynthia Cassia is a big fan of the boyband, TIN SOLDIERZ. So when they were in Skyway for a private benefit concert, she just had to go see them. But how? It was a school night and no way was she on the rich humanitarian guest list.

Only thing to do was to sneak out and gatecrash, right?

Trying to get into their concert from behind, she mistakenly went down a wrong alley and broke into The Atomic Bakery next door instead. Panicked, she got herself trapped inside their experimental (and always on) Nuclear Foundry with some fresh baked goods and soon passed out. Hours later she awoke to discover that she had been changed at the genetic level.

At first ashamed of what she can now do, when the rumor circulated that one of the boys of TSz was a costumed crimefighter, she took to the streets as well, hoping to one day run into him.


Easily embarrassed. Independent. Immature.


Invulnerability, Fiery Melee, Leaping, Teleportation



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