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The Caffeinated Defender of Frothy Justice
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Once an employee of the Crey-owned Charbucks Coffee, Steven McMillan served up steaming hot cups of frothy foamed Orange Caramel Macchiato Double Lattes to Paragon City's finest. Well-liked by the customers and frequently scheduled, Steven began drinking triple espressos on the job to keep himself awake and focused. Unfortunately, he wasn't only receiving a massive dose of caffeine, the coffee had been altered by Crey scientists and transformed Steven at the genetic level. Now imbued with a permanent caffeine high and the rich darkness of French Roast, Steven has taken to serving up frothy justice!


Somewhere between light-hearted and frivolous. Caffeinated.


Kinetics, Dark Blast, Super Speed, Concealment.


"Evil never sleeps, nor do I!"

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