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The Brunch Ninja is a practitioner of Breakfast-Fu (Martial Arts Brunch Buffet), a powerful and quite delicious form of melee combat best used in fights employing culinary battle skill as well as in the preparation and serving of early meals for 4-6 guests.

Where Breakfast-Fu branches off from combat cooking is its mastery of ballistic food tossing (egg and/or dairy dishes, particularly), the ritual-like steps in the baking of pastries, as well as the specialized use of griddle, oil and butter techniques along with various martial weapons like katanas and throwing axes. Other disciplines speak specificallly to syrup and cereal maneuvers. In tune with combat cooking, insulting the opposing culinary warrior's skill, ingredients, recipe and/or presentation is paramount.

The key underlying precept of this fighting technique is simple:

...the enemy who cannot move because his belly is full is no longer your enemy...


Honorable, humble and will on occasion speak Japanese. Sometimes even Engrish. Bows an awful lot.


Katana, Regeneration, Leaping



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