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Many years ago, a man by the name of Professor Von Toastenheim had a dream… a dream that families with 20 members who each wanted two pieces of toast would not have to waste precious minutes waiting for the previous slices of bread to be toasted to golden perfection. He dared to dream… of the 40-Slot Toaster. His appliance engineer colleagues told him he was crazy. “It’ll never work! You’ll never get the equilibrium of the heating coil to energize to the proper magnitude in such a large contraption!” But the professor pressed on. His life savings, a second mortgage on his home, and three years of back-breaking labor later, his prototype was complete. As he turned on his creation for the first time, an assassin’s bullet pieced his heart… murdered by those who feared that his work would shake the breakfast world to its very core. But their villainy was too late. Slowly, the toaster arose from the counter, and glared deep into the souls of the killers before him.

“You’re… Toast”


Robotic. Toast fixation.


Fire Blast, Electricity Manipulation..


"You're.. Toast"

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