Profile Guidelines


Please provide the textual content for the character as it appears in the game. Namely, the character's description from their ID or whatever information is associated to them in the supergroup info page (ie; join date, title, etc.).

In addition some site specific content is required:

On Time
Please provide a rough estimate of when you usually play City of Heroes/City of Villains as well as what time zone you are in. This information is included for each character associated with your global account so that other supergroup members can possibly coordinate a time to meet up with fellow team members.

One Liner
A brief description of the character that serves as a lead-in to the more comprehensive description.

Describe what the character is like in terms of personality and roleplay.


If possible, the primary character profile image (framed by a Polaroid-like border) should be taken from the City of Heroes (and not City of Villains) Character Selection screen. Not only will this make the other profile images appear more standardized in that they will all have the same background but the Character Select screen offers the largest display of the character without having to adjust the camera.The submitted image should be cropped to 350 x 350 px (preferably a torso shot) and can be in any file format so long as the quality is set to maximum. The images will then be edited to appear within the polaroid frame.


In addition to the Profile Polaroid, each character can have up to 5 additional images in their Sidebar Gallery. Since these appear in their own browser instance when viewed, they can be up to 800 x 600 px in dimensions. They will appear as they have been submitted so be sure to crop down to what is desired. In the interest of bandwidth, please try to keep the filesizes down. And in the interest of net ettiquette, hotlinking an image to/from another site is not allowed.

Please be sure to accompany each image with a 75 x 75 px thumbnail that will appear on the profile page proper.


All content to be posted on any character profile page should be sent to thebreakfastspecial -@- gmail -.- com.

Followup with global user @cobie is strongly recommended.


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