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:: some serious breakfast going on

Congratulations to Demon Force of The League of Paragon Knights for winning our first ever Screencap Scavenger Hunt Contest! Plans are afoot for the planning of a larger-scaled and open to the public Scavenger Hunt Contest. Stay tuned! Both the Gallery and the Quote Board have been updated with our most recent adventures! Check 'em out!

Welcome new recruits, Espresso Roast, Flap McJack and Totenkaffee!

:: some serious breakfast going on

Last weekend saw the happenings of 5 different supergroup events: Task Force Run Number Three - Sister Psyche, Bloody Bay Meteor Run, Task Force Run Number Four - The Terror Volta Respec Trial, the first CoB-sponsored Bio Contest and the official start of the CoB Screencap Scavenger Hunt Contest.

Wow. We certainly have been a busy little sg, haven't we? Screencaps are still making their way to the Gallery and quotes will soon be up on the Quote Board.

What with the new jackpot size of half a million Influence, The Screencap Scavenger Hunt's deadline has been extended until Wednesday, September 13. More details (and an upgrade of certain point values) can be found on the event microsite. Sign up!

:: sister psyche is psyched

Saturday saw an all-sg, uniform-clad team doing Sister Psyche's Task Force to great success! Afterwards included a meteor run into Bloody Bay in an attempt to acquire Shivan pets for the upcoming Respec Trial Task Force (today). This field trip met great success as well (despite various villainous attempts to thwart our deeds). Saturday also marked the start of the week-long CoB Screencap Scavenger Hunt Contest.

Today is the aforementioned Respec Trial and, much later, our first ever sponsored Bio Contest.

Welcome new recruit, Venus Blitzkrieg!

:: extended weekend of justice

We're gearing up for possibly two Task Force Runs during this long weekend - though Sister Psyche's TF may not happen in favor of doing a lowbie run it looks like we are go for the First Respec Trial on Sunday! Saturday begins the week-long CoB Screencap Scavenger Hunt Contest! Registration will continue throughout Saturday and until pretty much the end of the event.

Welcome new recruit, Donut Man!

:: bring it on

The Champions of Breakfast Screencapture Scavenger Hunt Contest (which runs all of next week) is attracting participants from not only our own supergroup, but members of our Coalition. What one character will win? What supergroup will he or she represent? What the hell is a Screencap Scavenger Hunt anyway?

Check out the CoB Screencap Scavenger Hunt microsite for more information! Let's not forget about the other events this weekend: possibly two Task Force Runs and a CoB-sponsored Bio Contest!

Welcome new recruits, Raisin Brave and general.mills!

:: screencap scavenger hunt contest

Open to members of the Champions of Breakfast supergroup as well as to members of our Coalition (The Atlas Park Arbiters, Cold Front - 2nd Battalion,The League of Paragon Knights and The Silencers), we are having a screencapture scavenger hunt contest all of next week. What is this? It's a week-long hunt throughout Paragon City, taking screenshots of specific items to accrue points to win a modest Influence jackpot.

This week is registation week as we determine who is interested in playing, iron out what the rules are, and try to amass a suitably-sized prize for the winner. Interested? Check out the event details here!.

Welcome new recruit, Vitamins and Iron!

:: i can't believe it's not..

Despite the fact that a lot of the growth in our membership can be accounted for in users taking on alts, we have seen quite a bit of growth in our unique and/or global count in recent weeks. What this means is that more people (and not just characters) are becoming a part of our community and more people are joining in on the breakfast-themed adventures. Thanks for coming onboard!

Welcome new recruits, Butter Side Up and Vitamin Supplement!

:: shh!

Our Coalition is growing! Each new supergroup we ally ourselves with means a whole slew of opportunities to expand our community, explore new relationships, and broaden our choices when it comes to teamups. Should sgmembers know of a supergroup which we should join up with, let The Brunch Ninja know and he will try to start a dialogue with one of its leaders to discuss such a proposition.

We welcome The Silencers to our Coalition!

:: morning caffeine

Once again, standing around in Atlas Park does wonders for our supergroup in terms of bolstering our awareness in Paragon City. As it turns out, individual members of our team have been approached by random passers-by every now and then, informing us that they've seen us on numerous occasions and thought that we were cool or that they've heard of us through someone else who has and they both think that we're cool. Pretty neat, huh?

Welcome new recruit, The Coffee Man!

:: in search of the triforce of breakfast

New events and possibly new activities (that aren't merely limited to running missions) are in the works! Be excited - it's an exciting time to be in the Champions of Breakfast, after all.

Welcome new recruits, Peach Blintz, Breakfast Link and Navi-Os!

:: surprisingly not gothy

Before you consider taking up a PUG invite, remember that our Coalition provides ample teamup opportunities. This is especially the case with our senior members who find that attaining their higher levels makes it difficult to find an sgmember to run missions with. In particular, keep in mind that some of our lowbie ranked sgmembers actually have characters of varying levels taking up residence over in the Atlas Park Arbiters supergroup.

Welcome new recruit, Biscuits 'n Grieving!

:: he was in star trek, you know..

Despite the fact that various sgmembers are taking a bit of a hiatus from City of Heroes to go on vacation or are experiencing a schedule change because of new jobs or a return to academia, the forum is still seeing quite some activity. And even if these fine people may not be able to find as much time to be in Paragon City, if they can find their way to the Internet they can still join their breakfasty brethren here.

Welcome new recruit, Frozen Frakes!

:: new alliances

Saturday's Lowbie Training was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came out! The Sister Psyche Task Force has been moved to the alternate date of September 2 and hopefully other impromptu Lowbie Training sessions will occur between now and then.

We welcome both The Atlas Park Arbiters and The League of Paragon Knights into our Coalition!

:: saturday event(s)

Saturday we're trying for parallel event action: a Task Force Run for our members of lev20 and above as well as a Lowbie Training Event. Come say hi as we have a bit of a meet & greet at the base portal in Atlas Park!

Welcome new recruit, Captain Over Easy!

:: it's getting hot in here

As usual, things are happening over in the forum and plans for upcoming events are constantly forming. Take a look and keep to up to date. Please remember that recruitment is now largely by referral only and that the age requirement is strictly enforced.

Welcome new recruit, Toasty Buns!

:: quips and quotes

The Quote Board has gotten way too big for its britches and has seen a major reorg of sorts. Check it out.

Welcome new recruit, Crepe Crusader!

:: oh snap

After another 6.5 hours, our second Task Force Run (this time with Synapse) was a success! It was even all-sg as well! Thanks to the sgmembers that made it all happen! Please check out the Gallery and the Quote Board for screencaps and anecdotes (and, boy, are there quotes).

Congratulations to those members who have made it to level 20 recently!

:: synapse saturday

As for a supergroup event today, the Champions of Breakfast do their second Task Force Run; we take on the Synapse Task Force!

The polls are in! Winners of the Summer 2006 Popularity Commendation Badges are:

Legs Benedict (Teh Sexay)
Burned Toast (Breakfast Badass)
Marmalade Maverick (Captain Fabulous)
The Brunch Ninja (Morning Mascot)

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who voted in the polls!

Welcome new recruit, Marmalade Marauder!

:: lowbie love

Tonight's random sg teamup included Officer Cruller, Hashish Brown, Comrade Kremsil, Bacon Scrambler, Pesto Omlette, and The Juice Lord. Do some of these names look familiar? Well, they should! These good people barely signed on to join the Champions of Breakfast just yesterday!

Between our Popularity Polls and this weekend's Task Force, we're certainly busy. Find out exactly how busy by keeping up with us in the forum!

Welcome new recruit, MochaLatte!

:: breakfast bonanza!

For doing nothing but standing around, we certainly were able to recruit quite a few new members tonight! Welcome new recruits SconeCold JaneAusten, The Juice Lord (son of the original Juice Lord of the very first Champions of Breakfast), Pesto Omlette, Comrade Kremsil, and Bacon Scrambler!

Round2 of the Popularity Polls is on! Cast your votes for who wins these special Commendation Badges over in the Forum!

:: get your votes in

There's still time to get in on Round1 of the Popularity Badge Polls over in the Forum! Tell us who the toughest sgmember is or who's got the best costume!

Welcome new recruit, Radiant Citrus!

:: LANtastic

Join @Allenby, @Bazil, @cobie, @Granny-ola and @Nukroo online as they have a CoH LAN party in New England. They're running lowbies and planning on breakfasting it up! ..and in real life, too! As in, breakfast for dinner! z0mg!

Welcome new recruit, Hashish Brown!

:: we got the look!

We've got an official uniform, folks! Though its adoption by sgmembers isn't by any means compulsory, it looks pretty cool! When you hit 20, take it into consideration. You'll get a shiny new CoB badge for it, too.

Thanks to @avantard, The Champions of Breakfast are now on Frappr! Where are you on the map?

Welcome new recruit, Hard-Boiled!

:: vote!

The Forum is abuzz with weekend activities and polls regarding Popularity Badges. Have you put your vote in for who you think should be awarded the Breakfast Badass Commendation Badge? How about the Commendation Badge that recognizes our hottest member yet?

Welcome new recruit, Puissant Croissant!

:: three parts of your balanced breakfast

Talk of the next Task Force Run is happening. Check in with the Forum for details!

Welcome new recruits, Granny-ola, Sergeant Sausage and Snap Crack and Pop!

:: clothes make the hero

Thanks to fundraising efforts and generous donations from various SGers, we raised 150,000 Influence for our first ever sg-sponsored costume contest yesterday. Many showed up but only 8 finalists were selected. From these 8, only 3 were awarded 50,000 Influence each. The winners were Gearfate, War Abyss and White Tide. Please see the Gallery and the Forum for screencaps.
Thanks to The Brunch Ninja, Legs Benedict and Huevos Rancheros for running this event! Special thanks go to @aaronjaye for being the rockingest screencapper ever!

New commendation badges are in the process of being integrated into the supergroup. Check them out. Fundraiser badges have been awarded to various members for their contributions.

Welcome new recruits, ColdPizza and BearClaws!

:: positron is pleased

After 6.5 hours, our first Task Force Run (which wasn't as all-sg as planned) with Positron was a success! Thanks to the sgmembers that made it all happen! Please check out the Gallery and the Quote Board for screencaps and anecdotes.

Today is the CoB-sponsored costume contest. Be there and help out!

:: moolasses?

Welcome new recruits, Got Milk?, Sweet Sassy Molassy, and Apple Aday!

Today marks the first all-sg Task Force run. Wish us luck doing Positron's bidding!

:: no, seriously.. let go!

A referral of sorts brings us another scrapper by the name of Eggo Leggo. And a new machination of breakfasty goodness joins us as well, 40-Slot Toaster. Welcome to the team!

Our supergroup base, The Kitchen, has been made over! Check it out either in-game or by visiting its now populated page!

We now share a coalition with Cold Front, 2nd Battalion!

:: kinda bready

New recruit Challah Back Girl joins us today, having heard of us from the City of Heroes Livejournal Community.

:: not coffee and not eggs

Open Recruitment Week is this week, folks! Please welcome new recruits Agent Earl Grey and Sausage Patty! Also, welcome Belgian Waffler as he is officially recognized as an ally to our supergroup.

Thanks to Cafe Au Lait's diligent hard work (along with Miss Coco Poof), The Kitchen can now teleport to both The Hollows and Perez Park!

Check the forum for details regarding this weekend's Task Force Run and join global channel The Nook for cross-server sgchat!

:: double xp weekend aftermath

The Double XP Weekend Sunday Teamup went exceptionally well. There was an all-supergroup team all day Sunday from about 3pm Eastern up until about 11pm Eastern when Virtue suffered a crash. We even managed to get another supergroup badge! Check out the forum newsletter for details.

What, you still don't have an account over at The Blue Plate Special? Well, go get one and start posting!

A lot of site updates are being made as a plethora of screenshots were taken this weekend, courtesy of Huevos Rancheros, Legs Benedict, Cafe Au Lait, and Coffee and Cream.

Talk is starting about running an all-supergroup Task Force. Check out our events in the forums to catch the discussion.

:: sweet and cereal

Welcome new recruits Cornflake Cereal and Maple Brown Sugar!

Join us for Double XP Weekend Sunday Teamup!

:: grittiness

Welcome new recruit Southern Grits! Double XP Weekend is on! Check the forums for updates!

:: mexican eggs and breakfasty forum

Welcome new recruit Huevos Rancheros!

By popular demand (okay, so it was only Da Muffin Man who insisted on it), we now have forums! Check 'em out by way of the Stuff page. Admittedly, there's not a whole lot up there right now but that's where everyone else comes in. Start discussing things, folks!

Happy Double XP Weekend, everyone!.

:: more baked goods

On this the 20th day of July, we proudly welcome our 20th member to the supergroup, Da Muffin Man!

Don't forget - Double XP Weekend starts tomorrow at noon!

:: citrus and cereal

Please welcome two more new recruits: our resident southern belle, The Grapefruits, and another wee laddy, Frozen Charms.

Also, a new addition to the way things work in this little operation has now been implemented - our very own badge system Check it out! What with Double XP Weekend just around the corner (Starting Friday at noon Eastern time until a minute before midnight on Monday morning), Prestige Commendation Badges wil no doubt be awarded.

:: nothing like cured pork

Welcome our newest and possibly most diminuitive recruit, Bacon Bitz! He and Short Stack Flapjack need to stand shoulder to shoulder to see who gets the award for tiniest SG recruit.

:: sweet orangey goodness

Welcome new recruit Marmalade Maverick! With all this toast in our ranks, it's only fitting that we finally got some spread around here.

:: base established and unofficial site launch

Though no new recruitment occurred, huge developments were still made. First of all, thanks to the stylings of Cafe Au Lait, the Champions of Breakfast now have the beginnings of their own base! We had been accruing quite a bit of prestige as our numbers grow and now it's good to see it all put to use. Details on our base as they develop can be found over in The Kitchen.

Secondly, the Champions of Breakfast Website unofficially launches today! Though lacking in content currently, things are slowly making their way online. Upon successful population of the site, Open Recruitment can then begin.

Heroes, please help out and submit your profile information and snazzy screenshots! For more information on how to do so, please check out the profile guidelines.

:: dim sum does not include donuts

Another big day for the Champions of Breakfast as four more members sign on: Officer Cruller, Char Siu Bao, Coffee and Cream, and Burned Toast.

:: eggs, drinks and cereal

A big day for membership as six new teammates swell our numbers. Welcome, French Toast Phantom, Cafe Au Lait, Eggs Benedict Arnold, Mimosa Magna, Legs Benedict, and Coco Poof!

:: crispy acoustic flakes

Cornflake Grrl, a diminuitive fairy-stylized Tori Amos, joins the CoB ranks.

:: java instead of waffles

Though The Belgian Waffler is already committed to another supergroup, a comrade-in-arms, Cuppa Joe, comes onboard.

:: a breakfasty beginning

New recruits begin to slowly trickle in: Short Stack Flapjack and CinnamonToast are the first two.

:: it starts

Inspired by a run-in with The Belgian Waffler, The Brunch Ninja finally attains the proper security level to register a supergroup at Atlas Plaza City Hall. With the blessing of the former Juice Lord of the original Champions of Breakfast, a new breakfast themed supergroup of the same name is then founded.

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