Official Headquarters & Snackbar

Supergroup Badges earned
Improved Igniter
Mega Monitor Plans
Benedict DR-2 Turret Plans
The Hollows Beacon
Perez Park Beacon
Boomtown Beacon
Striga Isle Beacon
Dark Astoria Beaco
Terra Volta Beacon
Croatoa Beacon
Steel Canyon Beacon
Atlas Park Beacon
Independence Port Beacon

Welcome to The Kitchen, the supergroup base of The Champions of Breakfast
The starting point of The Kitchen, the entryway is currently also the only place where anyone can sit down comfortably. Oh, and there's a phone in this room, too.
Remembering Our Past
As we are not the first band of heroes under the collective name of The Champions of Breakfast, a memorial has been erected in the main hallway to honor the five that came before us. May we live up to their brave and tasty legacy.
For now, this solitary Basic Generator provides all the energy required to run The Kitchen.
With the use of these devices, the energy provided by our generator can be put to use.
Going Places
Our teleporter bay is currently outfitted to provide transport to The Hollows, Perez Park, Striga Isle, Boomtown, Dark Astoria, Terra Volta, Croatoa and Independence Port.
With worktables and storage, supergroup members can help fashion more items for the base or craft things for their own personal use.


cold front, 2nd battalion

atlas park arbiters

the league of paragon knights

the silencers


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