...With liberty and second helpings for all!

Greetings! Welcome to the official site of the Champions of Breakfast, a wacky themed supergroup playing on the Virtue server of City of Heroes. Much like your standard heroes, we readily embrace the tenets of justice, freedom, truth and liberty as we combat crime and otherwise fight the good fight in Paragon City.. but unlike most heroes, we do all this while also doing our part to promote the value and increase the awareness of the first meal of the day!

Why? Dude, breakfast seriously rocks!

We're light on the roleplay but heavy on the silly. Above all, we encourage the fabrication of creatively named and creatively themed characters. (Seriously, check out the number of alts we got in here!) If you want to roleplay, feel free. Noone's going to force you to and, if anything, we'll pretty much come along for the ride. For the most part, the roleplaying done in this supergroup is really the acting out of a particular demeanor or personality of the character created. No intricate backstory or inter-character relationships or ongoing saga is at all required. We're just out to have fun. En masse.

Though we don't participate in PVP, we do try to teamup with one another whenever possible and make our breakfasty disposition known when in pickup groups. It's hard not to attract attention when our signature character names show up in a particular team's roster. Given that our concepts and names readily identify us pretty darn effectively, we also don't enforce the donning of supergroup colors or even our emblem.

Breakfast, after all, comes in many varieties. For specifics, please refer to our Supergroup Rules.

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Supergroup Rules
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Interested in joining? Awesome. Recruitment by and large is by referral and invite only. But once you got that, all you need to do is come up with a similarly-themed character on Virtue and get a hold of a Morning Hero, Brunch Warrior or one of our Breakfast Champions. The more creative the name you have, the better. What's truly awesome is both a look and a bio that goes along with the name. Creativity in character concept is key. Please see the Supergroup Rules with regard to New Recruits and the mandatory Probation Period.

Already a member but want another breakfasty styled champion in your stable? Neat. Currently, you can have as many alts as you like (so long as they fit the theme and such) but please indicate which one will be your main. As a general rule of thumb, alts will not be promoted beyond the rank of Morning Hero. We totally want to encourage the establishing of hero and SG reputations within the Paragon City community and dilution is not the best way to do it.

Interested in a coalition? Great. We will totally team up with other combat cooking or food-related supergroups at the drop of a hat. (Can you think of a better sort of association for us to have, really?) Soon, the criminal underbelly of Paragon City will come to fear the various heroic meals of the day.

But hey, other supergroups are cool, too.

History This supergroup is in actuality the revival of another. The original Champions of Breakfast (on Liberty) of yesteryear were heralded by such stalwart heroes as Princess Hashbrown, Juice Lord, Two-Egg Mojo, Dairy Ninja and The Waffler. Though these champions are long gone and no longer with us, it is our common goal to live up to their brilliant and oft times delicious legacy.  


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