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pencils & lettering, october 3, 2010
inks, november 2, 2010
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i decided to do a kinda, sorta autobiographical story for my 24 hour comic, a snippet of my own life and day to day that feeds into somebody else's fictitious story. at the heart of it, (not here right now) is a tale of escapism. our hero, joel, plays a rousing game of anywhere but here (the likes of which was no doubt inspired by buffy) that starts off in his sleep, is momentarily continued in the shower, unfolds as a dramatically different chapter during his morning commute and continues on at work. in his imagined other lives, he is powerful and mighty, having exciting, big-budget adventures the likes of which make his otherwise quotidian and rather mundane lifestyle vastly pathetic. and he knows it. he longs for this otherworld at every opportunity as, really, it's his refuge.

the only time dialogue is of any real consequence in the story is in his dream sequences. and, really, that's where he finds voice (however hokey) and purpose. while awake, there is no meaningful discourse held between him and anyone else, really. what conversations actually involve him are with an offscreen disembodied voice, in a way discounting the encounter altogether as half a conversation isn't much of one. if anything, there is a constant murmuring of other people talking in the background throughout the majority of the comic. this incessant yammering does not serve merely as background noise or scene dressing but as this living thing that constantly thrashes about, looming and coiling about, as if to fill the space of each panel (and literally, too). it's what occupies our protagonist's space and, in a larger sense, his life. joel, at one point, is driven to seek solace from this oppressive noise by donning his headphones and turning the volume way, way up and withdrawing way, way into himself.

and, yes, it's my quickest and easiest escape from everything, too.

joel is never really in the present. he's of two worlds almost constantly, the preferable one being within the confines of his own mind, where there exist no work obligations, alarm clocks, deadlines and office gossip but action and adventure and mayhem to thwart. while he may exist in the real world to toil and languish in ennui and lack of fulfillment, it is only in his imagined world that he can be said to truly live. and given the drudgery and banality of his day to day, wouldn't it be the same for you?

© miller ramos

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